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Student entrepreneur heals with honey

While 25-year-old Ahmed Bibi looks like your typical Fullerton College student, he’s actually a student and entrepreneur rolled into one.

Bibi started Shee’fa Honey just three years ago. Shee’fa is an Arabic word for “healing,” which Bibi wanted to implement into his business.

“I decided to utilize that as its basis in the theme for the brand, that honey is the source for healing,” Bibi said.

The idea cropped up while temporarily staying at a friend’s apartment and connecting with a beekeeper.

“At that time, my business was super young…I had to do everything I had within reach in order to jumpstart [the business],” Bibi said.

With borrowed buckets and jars in hand, Bibi started mixing ingredients to develop his signature brand of raw, unprocessed honey.

“I kid you not, it was in the kitchen of my friend’s apartment where I just started funneling,” Bibi said. “It was in that moment where I was back at it again.”

Through his business, Bibi wants to educate his customers about the healing benefits and the sheer variety of flavors and textures that honey can evoke.

As for aspiring student entrepreneurs?

“Be mindful of your time, and utilize whatever resources you have in front of you,” Bibi said.

Watch his story here.




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Comments (1)

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  • N

    Noah JimersonMay 14, 2016 at 8:06 am

    Hey Hornets, GREAT STORY. This is what we need more of; MOTIVATION for other entrepreneurs. These types of real life stories inspire those with ideas to take that first step, no matter what the situation.
    Bibi’s honesty and humbleness is greatly appreciated, simply because most people have no idea of the dedication and hard times that fall upon most entrepreneurs while trying to get their dreams accomplished.
    Natural healing is the way of the future and our fellow Hornets will be leading the way. Thanks again Bibi, The Hornet team and as always, OneLove.