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Bernie – burning for the win

California voters should be more excited than ever to get out and vote this primary season as the democratic race is far closer than the media portrays.

Bernie Sanders has vowed to stay in the race until the end, which gives us college students residing in one of the last states to participate in the primary some excitement.

Bernie Sanders is a longtime Vermont Senator will be pushing hard to finish strong and upend former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

When disregarding super delegates (we’ll get into that later) Bernie Sanders is not far off with 839 delegates still up for grabs in the various primaries 475 of which are from California alone.

Sanders currently sits at 1,362 delegates which is not far off from Hillary’s 1,683. He tends to do well in states that are primarily white voters and with his favorable agriculture business voting record in the senate he looks to do well in states like Montana, Kentucky, Oregon, and the Dakotas.

California is the biggest state up for grabs by a long shot however, and also one of the last to vote. Snagging California would be essential.

If Sanders can carry the popular vote and beat Hillary Clinton, throughout the rest of the campaign he stands a chance to change the votes of some super delegates as well.

Super delegates are only involved in the Democratic primary. They are party officials whom unlike normal delegates don’t stand for a constituency bigger than themselves.

They are held responsible to no group of people and can vote how they wish and it should be noted that of the nearly 550 super delegates whom have pledged themselves so far, approximately 500 of them are for Hillary.

The catch however is super delegates don’t vote until the convention meaning that they can be swayed to vote another way and there are still roughly 200 remaining whom are not committed to either candidate yet.

Sanders is primarily losing due to the rogue group of democratic establishment who have themselves pledged against him.

However this can be changed if Sanders can pull a majority of the remaining states with California being the major decider, how will this affect the way super delegates have pledged?

Will they vote against the popular vote?

Don’t forget California Primaries will be held June 7th and you have until May 23rd to register in time for the vote!

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