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A student entrepreneur and his quest to make a positive impact

At every college campus, there are students with a passion to create and innovate.

They set out to design ventures that will have an indelible impact on their immediate communities and the world.

These students are unique, they’re extraordinary. They are the owners of student enterprises.

Aaron Garcia, 22, a third year Marketing Management major at Fullerton College is the Co-founder of LXGNDXRY (pronounced, legendary).

“On the Ambition album there was a song called ‘Legendary’ and everything that song spoke about, is what really inspired the name.”

LXGNDXRY goes beyond fabrics and prints. It’s about purpose, community, growth and change.

In addition to designing and manufacturing their own clothing, LXGNDXRY is very involved in giving back to the community.

“To give back to the community, we find causes that we are passionate about and use our clothing as a platform to show those causes to our small following. For example, if you purchase this shirt, a portion of the cost is going to go to a cause.”

The journey for LXGNDXRY so far, has had highs and lows.

Garcia said the most challenging part has been the time constraints since all three co-founders are students and work part time jobs.

On the flip side, it’s rewarding to “see our product sell and know that people enjoy it.”

LXGNDXRY’s goal is to design with a purpose and be very intentional about giving back to those in need. So far, they’ve done a commendable job.

To learn more about LXGNDXRY, visit

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