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Alex Eastman: Prop Designer

Prop designer and Fullerton College student, Alex Eastman, shares what it’s

Alex Eastman
Alex Eastman is the prop designer for the upcoming play, Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth Photo credit: Diana Garcia

like to work for the FC Theatre Department. Her latest project includes Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth, scheduled for May 12-15 at the Brodwyn Dodson Theater.

In short, Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth is a mix of two plays, where they speak in their own language, dogg, to perform the Shakespearean roles.

“A prop designer is the person who is in charge of the items that are used within the show. For example, if someone in the show is reading a book, I have to make sure we have a book on set, ” said Eastman.

“I make some props, but a lot of stuff gets bought as well, I don’t make everything, but I choose the pieces,” she added.

She enjoys doing what she does, especially the collaboration of it all. Prop designers work very closely with the director of the play, and the set designer to carry out their vision.

Working for the theater, especially the technical aspect of it, is something she feels very passionate about.

“I’ve been doing technical theater forever, my parents met doing theater, and it’s just something I’ve enjoyed since I was kid, ” Eastman said.

Screen Painting
Alex Eastman paints and designs her own screens for the scenes. Photo credit: Diana Garcia

Last spring she took a prop class on campus. Afterwards, she asked to design props for the show “Blood Wedding”, which she successfully managed to do. As a result, her advisor asked her to come back for Dogg’s Hamlet, Macbeth Cahoot’s.

“I take breaks between everything I do, but the set design sketches is what I’m most proud of because they took four to five hours each. I used a lot of bright colors, because the set is dark, and the sketches are supposed to have been done by schoolchildren in the play,” Eastman said.

Eastman also mentions that she really enjoys “set dressing”.

“I would describe set dressing as taking furniture, or decorative pieces that someone else has designed, but being able to add my own touch when using them on set,” Eastman said.

The show gets picked by faculty and the theater director about a year in advance. Eastman read the script for Dogg’s Hamlet, Macbeth Cahoot’s over winter break, and has been working on it since with a budget of $500.

Eastman shared that she dabbled in acting all throughout junior high, and high school, and took a beginning acting class at FC.

Prop cabinet for the play
Inside the prop cabinet, all these will be used in Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth Photo credit: Diana Garcia

“I enjoyed acting, but to me technical theater has been more rewarding. getting to see a finished product and knowing that so much more goes into a show than just acting.” she said.

“It’s the scenery, the automations, the props, the lighting, the costumes, the hair and make-up, so much more is required to make a show great.”

Eastman is also an ambassador for the FC Theatre Department. It’s a volunteer position, with an elected board. She was voted as event coordinator.

To be elected does not require you to be a theater major, but ambassadors are beacons of information that require the experience and knowledge of the theater.

“My goal is to transfer to Cal State Fullerton and get my Bachelor’s in Theater Arts, I would like to be a working theater technician, and not have to do anything other than theater to pay my bills,” Eastman said.

She truly loves the theater, and mentions that she has seen her own progression through the years.

For future students, Eastman recommends for them to “Get involved. Don’t be afraid to do a show, don’t be afraid to audition. Get involved in whatever you can.”




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