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Our teachers deserve more

Teachers inspire the next generation of politicians, doctors, and engineers but how can they do that with a smile on their face when they are receiving little benefits and a small salary?

Teachers show up to the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday, May 10 to discuss low wages and benefits. Photo credit: Jacquelyn Valdez


The California Community Colleges Chancelor Office publishes funds that are remaining in the system at the end of the year. In the 2014-2015 school year the district had over $47 million in carry-over funds.

With that much money left over, I would think some of it could go towards better wages for our faculty. Sadly, the money they receive can have a direct link to happiness of our teachers.

Sure it is easy to say that if you are doing what you love than money should not be an issue. However, when you are in control of classes ranging from 30 to 50 students and expected to preform on all cylinders, you want a monetary reward that matches others doing the same.

In a letter she wrote to the members of the NOCCCD, Fullerton College biology teacher Julie Wells says, “While I hate the idea of leaving Fullerton College, I accepted the position at OCC because it is a better decision for my family and would be a $12,000 a year raise.”

Teachers are feeling unappreciated by the NOCCCD and many students can see that in the attitudes of many adjunct faculty members, teachers who are teaching at multiple campuses.

When a teacher is driving between campuses, do they really give us students their full attention, or are they worrying about the other students at other schools? Sometimes it’s the students who end up having to remind teachers what they were doing in class.

Also it’s important to remember that a teachers job does not stop once they get home. There are papers to grade and lesson plans to make, all while trying to maintain a life of their own.

If the teachers are unhappy, unhealthy, and unfocused the environment they are creating is not conducive to the learning process. Teachers are always expected to be there and invest in us students. They should receive better wages and benefits for all of the work they do and time they put in.



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