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Finals are near, but have no fear.

The end is near, meaning students may feel too exhausted or disoriented to

Over it
Frustrated student prepares for finals. Photo credit: Oscar Barajas

slay the monsters that await them. Students consider them monsters – professors call them finals.

Fullerton College has many resources on campus to help students prepare for finals, whether they’re tests, essays, projects – you name it. FC has students covered.

From tutors to librarians to Associated Students, students can feel more at ease about finals if they take advantage of the resources that are provided are on campus.

Alyssia Ramirez, Chicano Studies major, explained what the Skills Center has to offer. She has been working there for two years.

“The programs help move students forward…they help build progress,” Ramirez said.

The Skills Center is a place where students can help build their vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and reading skills through numerous programs including Oxford, Jamestown Comprehension, Townsend Press and Inspiration.

There are review kits available for students to study, ensuring they will learn the material.

Students are able to finish their homework and complete their hours at the Skills Center, whether it is a required for a class or solely for the student’s own benefit.

Have a big paper due for a final? The Writing Center is the place to go.

Nursing major and volunteer at the Writing Center, Norma Ramos, gave some input on it can be a beneficial place to go during finals week.

“Here at the Writing Center, we help with brainstorming, revisions, resumes…anything that has to do with writing,” Ramos said.

The Writing Center isn’t just a place to go when you need help with an English paper – it’s a place to go when you need help with any sort of paper.

Although, it must be noted that the tutors there will not correct or edit a paper for students, but rather, give students feedback on the skills and strategies to fix their own errors to guarantee a top-notch paper.

Because the last two weeks of school are so hectic, students are encouraged to make an appointment in advance to get the proper help from the Writing Center.

For those who struggle with math, the math lab is regularly open Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-8:45 p.m., Friday from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and is closed on Sunday.

They will be open all throughout finals and will have 19 review sessions starting May 20 until the last day of school.

Computer programs, tutors and lectures are also available resources at the math lab.

The library is also a place that provides a wide range of opportunities for students to review for finals.

Librarian, Jane Ishibashi, recommends a few books that can help prepare students. Some books that can be checked out at the library are “Good Grades in No Time: Ten Minute Tips that Guarantee College Success”, “The Student’s Guide to Exam Success”, “How to Get A’s in College: Hundreds of Student-Tested Tips”, “The Anxious Test Taker’s Guide to Cracking Any Test” and many more.

These reads will assure student success.

“There are many e-books and online articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals that cover study skills and test-taking…We want students to use the library,” Ishibashi said.

A.S. will be holding finals hospitality on Wednesday and Thursday of finals week from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. During finals hospitality, students can get help studying for their exams and essays. A.S. plans on having Zumba, snacks, scantrons, pencils and de-stressing activities courtesy of Health Services.

Finals week doesn’t have to be the worst week of your life – be proactive and utilize the resources around you.

Good luck, Hornets!

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