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A.S. runs to support development center

The Fullerton College Associated Students held their first Charity 5K to help raise money for the Speech and Language Development Center in Buena Park on Saturday.

The turnout was estimated at about 40 people which included A.S. members, faculty and FC President Greg Schultz.

The opening ceremony included two choreographed dance performances that were both signed and danced to by the HI-Tops.

The HI-Tops travel and perform in various locations and this is one of the many ways proceeds will help. It also allowed the group to recruit more people as well as inspire.

After the performance the beginning of the run began in front of the Health Center and ended at Sherbek Field.

Signs were placed throughout the campus in order to guide participants what path to follow from start to finish.

5k Group
Participants ending the 5k run, happy about supporting an important cause at Fullerton College on Saturday May 14,2016 Photo credit: Marylin Eko

Aside from signs being placed A.S. members also helped participants navigate around the campus.

Leyah Mukasa-Wilson, Communicative disorders major and A.S. senator, aspires to be a speech pathologist. She believed in the importance of students participating in rewarding experiences like this.

She discussed this particular event began from a desire to reach out to the community and organize a 5K to help with fundraising, A.S. members used flyers and the school websites to get people to participate.

“In the past few months what we’ve been trying to do is get quad maps, and settled contracts about using areas and the track”, says Mukasa-Wilson.

Leyah Mukasa-Wilson
Leyah Mukasa-Wilson AS member standing in front of 5k sign to direct participants on the run. Photo credit: Marylin Eko

ICC President and FC student Scott Begneski said he enjoyed helping by running with people and making sure that they were going the right way.

“It’s a charitable event so it’s raising money, but at the same time it’s about getting out there and running, walking or jogging,” Begneski said, “That’s why we call it a fun run to make it enjoyable for everyone.”

Student center worker and student Andrea Lopez said that she believed this event was a way to support people who want to excel and purse their dreams

“We had an amazing group of people who were really motivated and dedicated to help,” Lopez said.

Many of the participants had prior backgrounds in working with children and young adults who have special needs in language, learning and behavior.

Beyond having these backgrounds, all of the people who came out for the 5K run wanted to raise proceeds that would help support the Speech and Language Development Center.

AS Members
Scott Begneski and Chris Lim AS members handing out refreshments for participants of the 5k run. Photo credit: Marylin Eko

Kristin Keliihananui, a student and child development major, said she works with special education kids and that the reason she came out was the importance of helping spread awareness.

“I think it’s important because it helps bring knowledge and education to people by showing things like the great performance and where your money goes,” Keliihananui said.

Angela Lima and Mo Torres are students who attended the Speech and Language Development Center in Buena Park.

Both Lima and Torres said that they believe the event is important because it’s raising money for an important cause and also gives back to provide things such as an expansion of buildings at their school.

“I would like to participate again,” Lima said.

5k Participants
Mo Torres, Angelia Lima, Kristin Keliihananui participating in the 5k run on the Sherbek field. Photo credit: Marylin Eko

Lima added that she felt the 5K run was a good workout and she hopes to continue helping out even after she graduates by volunteering.

The first 5K run ended with refreshments given to participants in the quad.

The A.S. members were happy with the overall turnout and expressed desire to improve any 5K runs to follow.

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