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Almost everything we consume has most likely gone through a system of checks and balances, similar to the Food and Drug Administration regulating our food, making it is safe for consumption. Sometimes regulations fail to keep a company or entity honest and ethical.

What if regulators stopped checking to make sure a certain set of standards were met?

Now you paid two dollars more for ‘organic’ chicken when it’s antibiotic fed, and malnourished with an ‘organic’ sticker.

This metaphor can easily be applied to our front-page story on the Police Academy here at Fullerton College.

As college students we put faith into our education system to somehow take us to the next level in our lives and prepare us for the career of our choice.

When the system fails, students lose their money, time spent and their opportunity to advance. With Peace Officer Standards and Training failing to give their students adequate regulations, they put unhired graduates at a disadvantage.

What else could be said about the Fullerton College Police Academy graduates that were actually hired? If they hadn’t been audited since 2009, could graduates hired into the police force be adequately trained to serve and protect us?

As Journalists we fight for the truth, thrive for transparency and hold ethics as the highest standard.

From this moment on The Hornet will now be uncovering more in depth articles in a section called “Fullerton Overwatch.” Fullerton Overwatch is here to educate, expose and inform the public and our campus on the most important topics surrounding our community.

The Hornet takes its role as a watchdog agency seriously and will continue to serve our readers no matter what it takes.

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