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Fullerton Wins Against Cerritos 31-19

This is the second game in the season with the Hornets going away to Cerritos College after last week’s domination against Santa Ana.

Quarterback Jordan Hoy commanded the game as he covers 230 yards with a touchdown and a staggering 126 yards with 17 carries for his attempt to make 2 touchdowns.

the confrontation
The Hornets and Falcons colliding on the field at Falcon Field on Saturday evening Photo credit: Neddie Facio

The first half was exciting with Hoy making excellent plays with his 10 yard pass to Asante Wilder who took the ball 55 yards to make a touchdown and Jonathan Aguilar kicking a 22 yard field goal.

But the Falcons are quick to score with a touchdown and field goal as well by the end of the first quarter, the score is 10-7 with the Hornets in the lead.

During the second quarter the Hornets get the upper hand as running back Gerald Hulett broke a few tackles, allowing him to score a points with Aguilar making another field goal. By second quarter the game is 17-10.

Coming back from half-time, the team is refreshed as they score a whopping 14 points with Hoy, yet, again, using his fast legs to give the Hornets another touchdown that covered 54 yards. This eventually pushed Fullerton to be way ahead of the Falcons with a score of 31-10.

The Hornets didn’t score any points for the last quarter as Cerritos added as many points as possible to catch up, putting an extra 9 points up on the board.

The game concluded a good score with 31-19, making this the second win for the Hornet’s 2016 Football Season.

The defense helped compliment offense having 31 tackles throughout the game with linebacker Justin Parcells leading with 6 tackles and Jamal Scott with 5 tackles.

A close game, Head Coach Tim Brynes says, ” They’re a good football team, and we did a good job and we had a chance to make a little bit of a bigger score but we didn’t. ” As a response compared to last week’s game against Santa Ana.

As for future improvement, Brynes states, “I just think we need to get more kids involved and develop to get along for the rest of the season so we can step up and play”

Hoy responses to the win as a victory but is cautious for games ahead, “We got to be a lot smarter with the ball, take care of the ball, score and take advantage of possessions when we have them”.

Don’t miss next week’s game as the Hornets go up against the Canyons at 6pm.

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    Olivia MoralesSep 12, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    This is an excellent article. Very informative and I appreciate the deep details that went into this. Keep it Hornets!