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FC’s second annual Quadchella had Hornet’s buzzing

Quadchella returned to Fullerton College for the second year in a row on the cloudy

Indigo State
Indigo State into their performance at the 2nd Annual Quadchella at Fullerton College yesterday afternoon. Photo credit: Neddie Facio

evening of Sept. 13.

Inter-Club Council President James Hohbein explained that the concept of Quadchella was conceived by ICC executives last year.

“We wanted it to be an even better experience than last year,” Hohbein said. “We’re ramping it up this year with more bands, food and energy.”

Vice President of Activities Leyah Mukasa-Wilson explained that since Associated Students made sure to move the location closer to the center of the quad, the stage drew a larger turnout than expected. Thankfully, Health Services was there to provide free pizza for all the hungry music-goers attending.

The event kicked off with a 30-minute set by local funk trio Indigo State.

“They’re the best band I’ve seen perform at a college so far,” Pedro, an FC student, said regarding the opening act.

The trio formed in high school and a year later they still play together at Fullerton College. The band explains that their sound

Tre Nesbit putting on a show for students at the 2nd Annual Quadchella at Fullerton College yesterday afternoon. Photo credit: Neddie Facio

consists of all their influences rolled into one.

“Our music is like a hodge-podge of things that we like, but we don’t have anything that we go by aside from rock,” stated Gabe, the lead vocalist of Indigo State.

Hohbein got on stage next with Mukasa-Wilson and Vice President Taylor Gaetje at his side to announce that Quadchella is a free event. He informed the audience about the shirts for sale at the back for $5, then pointed out all the clubs that set up booths around the quad.

Gaetje explained that AS has been organizing the festival event since last spring, with

auditions happening over summer. This event has brought together different bands, clubs, people and cliques together on campus.

Tre Nesbit returned to Quadchella again after his performance last year. The rapper helped the crowd come alive as audience members bobbed and danced to the beat.

The Red Leslies followed with a half an hour full of jazzy, 1960’s swing-like dance music. The local duo stated that they found out about Quadchella because of their friends in AS. Their goal for the concert was to follow their gut when performing instead of letting fear and uncertainty drive their sound.

Stuffed Animal Baby kept the night moving. Fronted by Brandon Floerke, an English professor on campus, the folky group took the stage with a lovely violin sound that pierced the air as day turned to night.

Stuffed Animal Baby
Stuffed Animal Baby on stage Photo credit: Neddie Facio

Lyre Decree discovered Quadchella through their friends in opening act Indigo State and were quick to audition for the opportunity. The band’s performance appeared to be a success as the crowd grew and moved along to their punk-rock sound.

After them, sixth act Rene Marino performed using only his voice, a guitar, and a loop pedal.

The Juicebox Alchemists closed out the night with a sing-along of the Pokémon theme song.

Hohbein feels that this year’s Quadchella was a huge success for Fullerton College.

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