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Columbia’s most notorious kingpin is back on the run

The second season of the highly anticipated “Narcos” returned for streaming on Sept. 2.

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The critically acclaimed drama follows the life of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, portrayed by Wagner Moura, who’s on the run from DEA agents Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal).

Although the series relies on the real life of Escobar, disclaimers at the beginning of each episode appear to state that the events within the show have been fictionalized for drama purposes.

“There’s so many years of history that is conveyed in the first episode,” Pascal stated in a recent interview regarding the new season. “So I would say that every aspect of the story is intensified because the chase is on.”

But the series doesn’t shine away from the edgy content, heavy drug use, sex scenes and violence that it’s known for.

An example of this is when the leaders of rivals Los Pepes send a message to Escobar about not messing with their cartel by putting mutilated dead bodies on display.

“We came up with a name for their displays,” Murphy said regarding the gruesome scene he witnessed, “Columbian folk art.”

Though, the new season of the Netflix original brings awareness to dangers of being involved in drug trafficking. Not only is there the possibility of getting caught by law enforcement, but also by other rival drug suppliers.

“Six people are murdered every time you and your buddy over there snort cocaine,” Agent Murphy said to the two men he discovered snorting the drug in the bathroom of an airport early in the season.

Not long after the new season hit Netflix, it was announced that “Narcos” has been renewed for a third and fourth season.

Based on the events leading up to the season two finale, we can be sure to see power shifts within the cartel, while agent Pena will be on the hunt to take them all down.

The second season upheld the series’ binge-worthy title and left many unanswered questions, setting up for surely another highly anticipated season to follow.


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