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The ghouls have returned for another year of haunting at Knott’s

Thursday, September 22 Knott’s Scary Farm returned for the Holidays with new thrills and chills and over 1,000 haunting ghouls.

Ascension.... or Descension
Small room within Trick or Treat one of nine mazes at Knott”s Scary Farm Photo credit: Christian Mesaros

This year the park features brand new Skeleton Key attractions, three new bone chilling mazes and one six acre scare zone.

Each Skeleton Key room features a different frightening theme.

Prey- a thrilling dark maze where guests are equipped with only a small lantern and hunted by the ghouls that lurk in the dark shadows.

Zozo- Find out if the myth of the demon Zozo is in fact true in this unique Skeleton Key room.

Slasher- Step into an 80’s slasher film where the killer is on the loose. All possible leads have gone cold. Can you make it out alive? Or will you be his next victim?

Visions- Visitors of the Green Witch Museum in Ghost Town must investigate the various items among the museum that are said to be haunted. Through the use of augmented reality, guests will be able to have a first hand look at the paranormal activity that can be linked to the Sarah Marshall Witch Trial.

“I am just hoping to see people get scared. That is always the best part,” said Nate Agurcia, an employee of Knott’s Scary Farm.

Along with the new Skeleton Key rooms, Knott’s unveiled three new mazes and one scare zone.

In Black Ops: Infected, an interactive maze where guests are thrown in with one mission- take down the zombies to save the city. Participants are given a gun upon entry and are escorted through the streets of the town by other soldiers. Contain the outbreak and you just might make it out alive.

Blood, body parts and sadistic farmers awaits guests in this years new maze Red Barn. Try and make your way out of the indoor blood soaked hay maze as hungry animals and angry farmers try to catch their prey.

She is MINE!!
Red Barn a brand new maze this year filled with animals seeking to prey on human flesh Photo credit: Christian Mesaros

Karol, Cory and Amarissa Schlicht described their experience in Red Barn saying it was filled with great talent, wonderful imagery and full of energy.

Fight off demon samurais in Shadow Lands, one of the new mazes featured at Knott’s Scary Farm. The samurais souls are cursed and guests will have to face them on a daring quest.

The Hollow is Knott’s Scary Farms new six acre scare zone where the Headless Horsemen and his army from beyond the grave prey on the innocent. No place is safe.

Returning favorites include: Trick-or-Treat, The Tooth Fairy, Voodoo- Order of the Serpent and many more.

Knott’s Scary Farm runs now until October 31. Tickets can be purchased at the park or online at their website.



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