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Mo’ bikes, mo’ money

Riding a bike to school proves to be an affordable and time saving alternative for many students, especially with the rising cost of tuition.

According to a 2012 report from the League of American Bicyclist and the Sierra Club, cyclists will save a $4.6 billion a year on gas and transportation costs.

There are Fullerton College students who spend 30 minutes or more looking for parking while bicyclist Joe DeGain has already gotten to school and locked his bike.

“Even if the bike racks are full, it is easy to find somewhere to lock up your bike,” said DeGain.

Fullerton College has made an effort to accommodate cyclists with bike racks and placing them in convenient locations around campus to avoid any hassles of looking for parking.

Bike Racks
One of the many bike racks around campus.” height=”225

“Riding a bike to school beats hunting for parking,” said Brooke Lambert, a FC student.

Lambert started biking from Brea after her car broke down. Now, she enjoys the exercise from biking the hills and will continue to ride her bike even after her car gets fixed.

Bike riding is especially convenient for students who live close by.

Riding her bike to school not only allows student April Bonus to save money, but she also appreciates seeing other people coming to school on their bikes, which makes her feel like she is part of a the community.

There is always the issue of theft. However, many bike owners on campus don’t see this as a huge threat.

“I sometimes add another lock to be safe when I am here the entire day,” said Bonus.

Still, Campus Safety recommends buying a hefty lock. They also advise against riding the bikes through campus, in order to avoid any accidents.

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