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Hornets shy away from their first win against the Dons

The fifth straight loss of the season for the Hornets has been not only

Pushing Up
Marriah Gishwiller #6 dribbling through the Santa Ana College defense on Tuesday Sept. 27 Photo credit: Christian Mesaros

devastating for the girls but for the coaching staff as well.

The Hornets have come a long way as far as training and have made big improvements in their skills but can’t seem to get the ball in the back of the net.

This was the closest game that the Hornets have seen to a victory this season, but the odds were not in their favor.

The Dons came to play hard against the Hornets as they are usually defeated according to past seasons.

The one and only goal of the game from the Dons was set up by Freshman forward and defender Margaret Zisk.

The goal was made by a bended free kick right outside the 18 yard line and was then poked in by Sophmore forward Alejandra Peinado at the 27th minute of the game.

Hornet goalie Kennedy Heywood finished the game with only 5 saves but fell that one goal short in the first half.

Keep em' Back
Amalia Serna #11 holds back a forward in order for her goal keeper Kennedy Heywood #3 to safely retrieve the ball Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

The Hornets have finally added another goaltender to their team, Freshman Marla Debarros to relieve Heywood from some her duties as goalie in hopes that she could return back as a field player for her final season.

Combination plays during the game were more in tact than ever before this season from the Hornets, but there’s more to connecting passes that will get the victory they really want.

The team must come together whether in the blazing sun or pouring rain and play with the passion that they originally have for the game, and that is what the Hornets lacked.

In the 100 degree heat, both teams stretched the 90 minute game with plenty of fatigue

Irene Jimenez #15 goes up to head the ball back to her team Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

and the playing to match it.

Sophomore for the Hornets, forward and defender Amalia Serna states her frustration from the game as she and her team are eager for their first win.

“At the end of the day it’s all about who wants it more and who has more heart for the game,” Serna said.

Head coach Pamela Lewin knows that her team has to work harder than ever before in order to get the win from their next competitors.

Lewin expresses that it all comes down to the girls to make that extra effort during practices and they will get the ending results that they want.

Come and support the Hornets as they play a new team in their conference, Citrus College away at 3:00 on Friday September 30th.

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