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Is your protection endangering others?

The question of whether or not the Second Amendment should be afforded to all is persistent among the citizens of the United States. However, another question has surfaced and it revolves around the ability to carry a concealed weapon.

In order to carry a concealed weapon you must obtain a Carry Concealed Weapon license from a local sheriff’s office or police station. This process can be lengthy and detailed but it is for good purpose. A CCW license allows the recipient to carry a weapon on their person without having to keep the weapon in a locked container away from ammo. The advantage of not having to do so, is the ability to protect yourself in case of immediate threat or endangerment.

That alone would persuade many that their safety is the number one concern and that they have the right to carry a loaded weapon; although concealed, as California state law prohibited the open carry of guns on January 1, 2011.

Additionally, the recent mass shootings in US schools, US military bases, and civilian shopping centers in Kenya have become the banner cases for such a movement.

The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that took place on December 14, 2012 seems to have been the last straw for parents looking to protect their children. After that tragedy, select school districts across the nation petitioned and succeeded in granting school officials with the right to carry concealed weapons on campus. Missouri, Texas, and South Dakota have taken such actions.

Under that premise the open carry of weapons can have a positive effect on the citizens and communities that are being protected.

When I have children I want them to attend their schools in the safest way possible. I would rather have specially trained, armed and trustworthy school officials protect my children than force them to be subject to another tragedy.

A CCW license can, under certain circumstances, provide the most logical choice of protection, yet those in opposition pose the question of responsibility.

While a person can obtain a CCW license with good cause, the responsibility can often be too much for some people. Some fears that are often associated with a CCW license are accidental discharges of their weapon, misplacing it, or lending it to someone to not have it returned. These can all bring about terrible consequences.

Whether or not we are in support of being able to carry concealed weapons there are laws in place to protect us as best as possible. California Penal Code Section 25400 lists the circumstances, penalties and rights afforded to California residents.

One of the most intriguing pieces i found in this section of the penal code was a Police officer’s right to search a person with probable cause for concealed weapons.

Knowing this definitely provides comfort to know that my eyes aren’t the only ones concerned for my safety.

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