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The Giant Book Sale turns heads (and pages)

2016 marks The Giant Book Sale’s 30th academic year doing business with Fullerton College.

For Eric Kessler, founder of The Giant Book Sale, it’s difficult to find enough time to even read a few pages in his busy work schedule.

Kessler has had a good history selling secondhand books to students on campus since 1987.

The Giant Book Sale sets up shop right outside the library near the steps of the building where the concrete meets the grass.

This week it’s open September 26 – September 29.

“It’s a great campus, with an intimacy because of this beautiful quad,” Kessler said.

Kessler offers a wide selection of different genres: religion, philosophy, social sciences, mathematics, classic literature, drama, poetry and non-English titles.

There is even a special shelf dedicated to “Fine Titles of One-of-a-kind Treasures” where students can peruse classic novels and narratives with vintage text and binding.

The book sale usually spans 4 days in one week, three times a year in September, February and May.

What keeps Kessler coming back to Fullerton College is the atmosphere the book sale brings to students and faculty alike.

“Students are compelled to interact with other students and pick up conversation about their interests,” Kessler said.

Kessler works with the Associated Students who receive a percentage of the sales. “When we benefit, you benefit,” Kessler said, “the campus is full, spirit is high and bank accounts are generally high.”

Even when they are tired and burned out from the trudge of a long school year around May, students still enjoy browsing and discovering interesting reads.

Kessler himself is a dedicated book reader with his favorite genre being philosophy.

“I think the future of books is quite bright. Whether by default or choice, students are continuing to gravitate towards books as a form of learning and enrichment, but also as a form of leisure,” Kessler said, “Books have that great way of making us feel good about doing something that is not hardcore work.”

Be sure to sign up with The Giant Book Sale’s email list for future sale dates on campus.

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