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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Have you hugged your custodian?

Sunday, October 2nd, is a day to reflect and appreciate the hard working individuals that keep our campus looking the way it does.

National Custodial Workers Appreciation Day celebrates these unsung heroes.

Custodian workers here on campus often get up early and finish their day before students and staff even start the day and they do it without notice.

The jobs these custodians do vary from emptying trash cans around campus to cleaning bathrooms toilets and sinks.

“You may not see all of the custodial staff working because many of them work at night, but when you come to school you see everything is picked up and everything is so nice, you know the night crew was working hard through out the night,” Lisa McPheron said, the director of Campus Communications.

The nighttime crew consists of 31 members who work aimlessly through out the night to make sure the campus looks just as good as it was the morning before.

“Stephen Trapp, manager of nighttime maintenence and operation, takes a lot of pride in improvements on campus,” McPheron said.

Trapp has been with Fullerton College for about a year and a half and has made improvements including new soap dispensers around campus.

“Trapp is really looking at things with a new set of eyes on campus and really striving for improvements” said McPheron.

Fullerton College also has a tremendous amount of daytime staff on hand for through out the day.

Some jobs for the daytime crew include cleaning up various spills on campus and emptying trash can to assisting in anyway for any reason here at Fullerton College.

These daytime custodial workers are noticeable by students and they can been seen closing off bathrooms for cleaning or driving carts picking up the trash.

“The custodians are helpful and are on top of their game here” said Bailey Sanchez and FC student speaking about the wonderful job the custodial workers do here on campus.

By having the campus nice and clean, it shows the beauty of Fullerton College and really sets the professionalism here on campus.

Custodians here at Fullerton College should definitely deserve recognition beyond October 2nd for all their countless hours they spend here on campus and for all they do here.

“There’s a small army of people who are making sure the campus stays as nice as it was intended to be starting in 1913” said McPheron.

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