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Three reminders of a failed Fullerton College Police Academy

Fullerton Police Academy vehicles sit idle at the entrance of the main parking structure.

Students see them everyday, as the tedious minutes pass for students looking for a spot to park, the usual result is being fifteen minutes late for class.

Police Academy Cars
Here are the three cars that are causing much controversy Photo credit: Valerie Vera

Whether it is necessary to have these cars here or not are still in question as students pay $35 dollars for parking that is already challenging to begin with.

So why are these vehicles here in the first place?

Well, this is caused by the Fullerton Police Academy that offered students a 10-month program to gain experience and qualification for positions in law enforcement.

But complications of electronic documentation procedures, instructor qualifications and training and handling of test materials eventually lead to the October 4th suspension in 2015.

Ken Starkman, Division Dean of Technology and Engineering says that since the Police Academy is only in suspension, they have no authorization to remove said cars since the program isn’t diminished. That is, until further discussion of what is to become of the academy in the future.

But some students are not pleased.

“I think that since they are not being used they should sit somewhere else,” Ruby Apen said, “That way three other students can use that parking. It can more useful.”

However with parking being an issue, another is the constant congestion of cars flooding the lots to look for unoccupied spots. So will removing these three cars in the front cause more trouble than resolution?

Well with students opposing the police cars sitting there, others feel it would cause even more commotion and to just leave the cars where they are.

“I really don’t think that removing the police cars would make a difference,” Martin Ortega said, “I think adding those spots to parking would add even more traffic since it is basically in front of the entrance.”

Police Academy Cars On Campus
The three police cars that are occupying spaces in the front of the parking structure. Photo credit: Valerie Vera

This can be a future issue to the parking structure since the entrance is the busiest with tight room to adjust your car and not to mention, it would cause a disturbance in the flow of cars coming from Lemon St.

As the three spots linger there, it would give students who bought the permit more satisfaction to know that they’re money is going to it’s full extension.

“I just want to know that the 35 dollars I paid for is getting used as much as possible,” Destiny Galvan said, “I understand how it would create a traffic problem but we will never know until it at least gets tested. Why don’t they put the cars in administration spot?”

Only time will tell of what the future for these exclusive front parking spots will hold.

Lets hope that we will see further improvement to our investments and have those cars moved.

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