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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Students and faculty share their thoughts on why Fullerton College matters to them

Throughout its over 100-year history, Fullerton College continues to become an integral part of the lives of those who have walked down its halls.

Students continue to engage in learning, while the staff continues to inspire students beyond the material taught in the classroom.

Fullerton College library
The Fullerton College library is located in the heart of Fullerton College, a place to study for students. Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

Aside from the apparent money saving aspect, students value the many benefits of the Fullerton College experience.

One of these is the new relationships created between students and faculty.

April Santonil, nursing major, never thought to experience this at a community college.

“My first impression was just to get through this. Along the way I made so many new friends, close friends, that I would keep in touch with,” Santonil said.

Drew Chatterton, English major, admires that the engagement is mutual from both the instructor and student in and outside the classroom.

“It is easy to find guidance from professors. not only do I feel welcomed but every staff member is approachable,” Chatterton said.

Another aspect is the opportunity of involvement on and off campus.

Fullerton College offers a widespread variety of clubs and organizations that cater to the interests of students.

Ivan Espinosa, previously a member of the Freshman Honors Cohort program and treasurer to the honors society, Alpha Gamma Sigma, highlights that even though it is a commuter campus, you can still accomplish so much.

“You have the chance to experience different learning environments with small honors classes and big lecture halls,” Espinosa said.

Fullerton College gives people the opportunity to explore many educational paths, before deciding on a permanent one.

David Perez, a radio communications major, first arrived at Fullerton College in 1988 as a music major. After working in the field with his music career, he sought more and pursued radio communications, coming back to Fullerton in 2013.

“What keeps me coming back is the atmosphere of opportunity, learning, sharing insight among peer and being introduced to new things,” Perez said, “Fullerton College has the reputation of pushing and believing in their students and building confidence in them.”

Along with the students, the faculty feels the admiration and appreciation of this school.

Professor Kelly Nelson-Wright, sociology professor and the Department Chair of Sociology, believes that working with students is definitely the best and most gratifying part of her job.

“Fullerton College has become like a family to me,” Nelson-Wright said, “There is no greater honor than helping students to find their path and to discover academic interest, which is unique to the two-year college experience.”

Professor Miguel Powers, English professor and English Department Coordinator, looks forward to working in a learning environment where students are open to new discoveries every day.

“You get to encounter people who are on the cusp of their lives,” Powers said, “If you do a good job as an educator you can help them in a way that will transition their life and their family.”

Fullerton College’s quality education and its reputation for being an excellent stepping stone to move forward is what makes both students and faculty keep coming back to the Hornet’s nest.

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