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Review: Marvel moves the fight to Harlem in the newest Netflix series “Luke Cage”

Marvel’s newest series “Luke Cage” premiered on Netflix with a tremendous positive response.

Luke Cage
Promo picture for Marvel’s newest Netflix series “Luke Cage”. Photo credit: Facebook

The show went up for stream at midnight on Friday, Sept. 30. It’s a welcomed addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also known as MCU, but this isn’t the first time that fans have crossed paths with the character of Luke Cage.

Cage, played by actor Mike Colter, who’s known for his work in “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Million Dollar Baby”, first appeared in last year’s premiere of “Jessica Jones” on Netflix.

The show is set in the city of Harlem, New York, where Cage goes up against local crime leader Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, who is portrayed by actor Mahershala Ali.

The beginning of the series shows that Cage’s intentions are to keep his head down and stay out of trouble while working at Pop’s Barbershop. But in the MCU, if you’re a hero, trouble will always find its way of showing up.

Cottonmouth’s thugs extort local business’ for “protection” and this is when Cage has to step in to save the day.

During the pilot episode, gang members threaten Cage’s landlords, who are the owners of a Chinese restaurant. Our hero steps in and by the time one of the thugs throws in his first punch, his arm breaks and bends like rubber.

That’s Cage’s ability – he’s inhumanly strong and most bullets can’t penetrate his skin.

The show itself exemplifies the grittiness that all of Netflix’s Marvel series have demonstrated, but “Luke Cage” is unique. The series is more of a throw back to the style of 70s blaxploitation films such as “Shaft” and “Coffy”.

”I don’t believe in Harlem,” Cage says. “I believe in the people who make Harlem what it is.”

“Luke Cage” weaves into into the Marvel Cinematic Universe perfectly.

This Marvel-Netflix hybrid superhero is definitely binge-worthy for new and old fans alike. But it’s not the superhero aspect that keeps viewers wanting more, it’s the man against the system battle that every character seems to be struggling against.

The show also transitions into the next Netflix-Marvel series “Iron Fist,” which is set to premiere sometime in next year.

The characters of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist will lead up to the highly anticipated Netflix collaboration “The Defenders“, which brings all these heroes together.

“Always forward, Pop,” Cage says, “Forward always.”

“Luke Cage” is worth watching over the weekend. It’s a fantastic addition to the Marvel-Netflix family and keeps viewers excited for what’s next for the MCU.

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