Gay and Lesbian History Month Comes to Fullerton College

Madalyn Amato

Fullerton College is celebrating LGBT history month with events on campus to show support to the community.

October was deemed LGBT history month in 1994 to celebrate diversity and represent those who are struggling with their identity and sexuality.

Gay Pride Flag
LGBT groups have used the rainbow to represent their pride for decades. Photo credit:

Nationally recognized days such as National Coming Out Day on Oct.1, Spirit Day on Oct. 20 and Matthew Shephard’s birthday, a young man murdered for being gay in 1998, all occur during the month.

On campus, the Cadena Cultural Center, Queer People of Color (QPOC) and Gay and Lesbian Association of District Employees (GLADE) will be working together to host events from Oct. 10-14.

For more information on the upcoming events contact the Cadena Cultural Center at (714) 992-7086.