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Students discuss how they stay fit and avoid the freshman 15.

Students discuss how they stay fit and eat healthy while having a busy schedule.

Use of time
The average full-time student spends most of their time sleeping about 8.4 hours and only 3.5 hours on leisure and sports. Photo credit:

Making time to workout and being creative with foods are a few ways students find to stay healthy.

Researchers found that college freshmen gained at least 5 percent of their body weight.

Transitioning from high school to college can be difficult when you no longer have PE as a requirement or soccer practice after school.

Researchers at Auburn University found that by graduation 70 percent of students gained an average of 12 to 37 pounds over four years of college.

Students have to make time in their busy schedules to make time to workout and find ways to eat healthy.

Packing lunch and finding a workout buddy has been a few ways students have found to stay in shape.

Finding time in between school and work can be overwhelming and cause more reason to put on some weight.

Dulce Camarena says she prepares a lunch everyday for school to avoid paying for the pricey cafeteria food.

She sits with her earphones one eating her leftover food from last night, chicken, potato, hummus and bag of grapes on the side.

Camerena says she likes to bring leftovers to school with snacks like grapes and a granola bar to have between classes.

“My food is always simple, chicken and rice usually,” Camarena said, “I can’t really prepare myself a gourmet meal when I’m always on the go, so I stick to the basics.”

Eating healthy is what students find the most difficult. Having the luxury to eat whatever you want whenever you want is not always the best.

To avoid fast food, Andrew Moreno says he packs lunch and snacks everyday and has about one cheat meal a week.

He says it can be difficult to make healthy choices with the cafeteria serving burgers and In-N-Out just down the street, but surrounding yourself with people that make good choices helps to stay on track.

Moreno says that working out with friends has helped him go to the gym more often. He sets a goal for himself and having people by his side motivates him to keep improving.

“It’s good to tag along with someone that is motivated to workout, it sparks some motivation in you,” Moreno said, “eventually you’ll see progress and find your drive to make it a healthy habit.”

With his new job at 24 Hour Fitness, it has also helped motivate him to workout more. He finds it easier to stay at the gym after his shift ends and workout for an hour or two.

Although it would be ideal if every student to had a gym membership, many students have to find ways to stay in shape.

Kat Santos sayids hiking and eating healthy are her best ways to stay fit. She avoided the freshman 15 by staying away from the cafeteria food on campus and many fast food restaurants.

She also said staying hydrated is important for her so she drinks a green tea every morning and carries a water bottle with her everywhere she goes.

Santos said taking a yoga class twice a week on campus has challenged her flexibility and hopes to continue doing yoga after the semester ends.

“I can feel my body changing and toning and I feel better after doing yoga for just a few hours,” Santos said.

Armando Cruz said being outdoors are his favorite ways to stay in shape.

He enjoys hiking and mountain biking on his free time. He also is involved in a spinning and boxing class on campus.

“I try and go to the gym as much as possible but I enjoy myself more when I’m outdoors, it makes working out more fun,” Cruz said.

Drinking lots of water and making healthy eating habits can be difficult for a busy college student, when we constantly find ourselves in the drive through line.

Ordering meals less than 500 calories with moderate amounts of fat with protein and fiber are available at many fast food chains could be a healthier alternative when on the go.

A grilled chicken sandwich on a whole grain bun with no mayonnaise is much healthier than a classic cheese burger. Chick-Fli-A offers a grilled chicken sandwich with a fruit cup for 400 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.

Finding ways to be creative with food and eliminating added fats such as mayonnaise and added sauces are a few easy ways to make smart food choices.

A plain baked potato and a small chili from Wendy’s paired together makes a satisfying meal under 460 calories.

Medical daily reports 59 percent of college students suffer from malnutrition, and American college Health Association reported only 43.6 percent of students met the recommendations for moderate exercise.

There are many ways that college students can stay in shape, it just takes a few healthy habits to ward off the freshman 15.

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