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Who Won The First 2016 Debate?

The first presidential debate of the 2016 election was a mess to say the least.

The debate, which took place on September 26, had both candidates take the stage together to face off against each other in a war of words.

Trump V. Clinton
Image from September 26 debate with moderator Lester Holt in the center. Photo credit: Facebook

In itself, the debate that took place that night sounded a lot like high school trash talking.

Neither of the candidates answered as many questions that were asked by moderator Lester Holt asked. Instead, they answered Holt’s questions with more questions about each others ethics, whether it was about Clinton’s leaked Benghazi emails that got deleted or Trump’s tax returns from the last 20 years.

By the end, it was hard to say exactly who won the debacle.

The media will say that Clinton won, while the right-wing will say that Trump obviously won.

Trump V. Clinton: Round One
A picture of the CNN poll from the first debate between Clinton and Trump. Photo credit: Facebook

When deciding who won a debate with such prestige as a presidential one, how is that decision made?

Who makes that decision? The press? The public? The moderator? The candidates themselves?

“Based on what I read, I’m assuming that Hilary won,” Fullerton College student, Michelle Ramirez said, “ She seemed to have the upper hand on some questions.”

“I think that it’s changed the rules a bit since the last debates,” Ramirez added, in regard to the sportsmanship between the candidates, “It’s a little less formal than it used to be.”

FC student Roxanne Reeves, also thinks that Clinton won the debate because, “Trump talked over her the whole time.”

“He’s a bully,” Reeves added.

Some are still torn over who won the debate.

“It’s hard to say [who won] because they were both very back and forth,” FC student Daisy Rivas said, “I’m not sure who won.”

It is hard to tell who won. Based on both candidates demeanor, they appeared to act more like a bickering brother and sister on stage, rather than who Americans are supposed to vote for on November 8.

What this is coming to look like, is more of how the TV series South Park might depict it: we are either voting for a douche or a turd sandwich.

Clinton V. Trump
Interpretation of the douche-bag and turd sandwich from South Park. Photo credit: Facebook

Neither candidate is making this years election process any easier.

One word that can describe the candidates candor: immature.

The debate set the tone for the election in general, and it’s creating a trend in how candidates are handling themselves during debates.

The senate debate between democratic candidates Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, had Sanchez constantly talking over Harris and ended the debate with her ‘dabbing.’

Think about the debate between vice-presidential candidates, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine. It might as well have been an echo of the Clinton/Trump debate.

Clinton V. Trump
Vice-presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine Photo credit: Facebook

Who won the first presidential debate for the 2016 election? There weren’t any winners.

Unfortunately, it was a precursor to election day.

It was a demonstration of the tone that’s ringing throughout the country.

On November 8, Americans are going to have to decide to vote for either a douche-bag or a turd sandwich.



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