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Another night of art during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk

Giant bunny head
Is part of the Congress of the Weird art exhibit at the Magoski Colony Art Gallery in Fullerton on Friday Oct. 7 2016 Photo credit: Neddie Facio

The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk on October 7 was filled with fresh artwork and raw talent.

According to the Downtown Fullerton First Fridays Art Walk Association, the “Downtown Fullerton Art Walk is a collection of galleries and businesses whose goal is to promote the arts and build community.”

Despite the small turnout Friday night, you could still see that the event was doing just that with many of the artists and viewers interacting, laughing and enjoying conversations.

The Magoski Arts Colony was the highlight of the walk, which featured Congress of the Weird. The feature brought all of the artists in the colony into a maze of art, color, ideas, sounds and textures.

The exhibit was curated by an artist that goes by the name “McBiff” and featured works by Big Toe, Doug Horne, Ken Ruzic, El Gato Gomez and a variety of other artists. The dark red in the room was illuminated by the colors of the works making you feel like you were inside a circus tent.

Outside of the exhibit was several other open galleries and exhibits in the featured by the colony, such as the table for Homework Press’ “Burgerzine” outside of Bookmachine.

“My friend Chamberlain and I got the idea of doing a zine about food memories,” Nicole Vandever of Homework Press said, “we thought that was a little bit vague so we wanted to talk something a little more specific.”

Vandever goes on to explain that that’s how they came up with burgers as the theme. “We got some of our friends together to draw, write, sketch or make a collage about memories they have about burgers or thoughts that they have about burgers!”

Nicole Vandever one of the founders of Burgerzine at the Magoski Colony Art Gallery in Fullerton on Friday Oct. 7 2016 Photo credit: Neddie Facio

You can pick up a copy of the “Burgerzine” at Bookmachine in Fullerton.

The veteran, graphic designer and media artist Eddie Saldaña was featured at Max Bloom’s Café, with a striking display of boot prints and honey comb filled eyeballs.

“Most of these are inspired by events that actually happened, I just translated that in my art and just wanted to take advantage of the madness that actually happens,” Saldaña said. “This is all so people who haven’t experienced it get a glimpse of what goes on, what they vote for, what their tax payer money goes towards and what their sons and their daughters and sisters and brothers go through.”

When you take a quick walk around the corner you’re brought to Comic Book Hideout. This location featured “The Monster Art Show”, which had zombified artwork of pop culture characters mainly by Shannon Lynch, who has been working on art since she was young.

Shannon Lynch
Shannon Lynch at the Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton on Friday Oct. 7 2016 Photo credit: Neddie Facio

“I know Glynnes, which is the owner, and she made it happen. We’re just trying to get this art walk thing going more and more because it’s kind of bare out there.” Lynch said.

Lorenzo Bennett, an FC student, was in attendance and explained he enjoyed some of the work displayed Friday night, particularly at Comic Book Hideout.

“The best was Comic Book Hideout,” Bennett said. “In the back they had a carving of the velociraptor from “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” and that was really cool!”

If you missed this month’s art walk, don’t worry! They happen every month. For more information on the next Fullerton Art Walk on Nov. 4 visit their website.

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