Caught on campus

Brittany Gonzales

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Police from several departments gather around the stopped car.” height=”200

Multiple police and highway patrol cars chased a woman from the Port of Los Angeles to Fullerton College. The woman reportedly failed to go around a cordoned off area where LAPD was checking on a suspicious package.

The woman was driving with two small children in a red Dodge Neon going 100-115 mph down the 91 freeway where she transferred to the 57 and ended at the campus parking structure where LAPD, Fullerton PD, and Highway Patrol caught up with her.

“We are still trying to figure out who she is at this time,” said Michael Hillmann, Assistant Chief of Police for the Los Angeles Port.

The driver was arrested and the car towed. The children and her were taken away in a separate car.

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Students gather on the stairs watching the commotion on campus.” height=”200

Javier Gonzalez and Mathew Flores contributed to this story.