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New videos show potential excessive force by Fullerton College Campus Safety

Three new videos were posted by Fullerton College student Daniela Lizbeth 19 hours ago on Instagram showing further actions by two Fullerton College Campus Safety officers on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016 during the arrest of Louis Munoz.

Knee to the head
Officer presses his knee to the head of Munoz Photo credit: Daniela Lizbeth

Advisory: Strong language

Today as we were going through with our day, this Fullerton College Guard comes up to one of our friend who was standing, smoking a cig. The man tells him that smoking isn't allowed, my friend understands this and puts his cig out. Then he asks for a name, the guy asks "for what reason", and this man starts going off "I can arrest you for refusing", grabs his hand cuffs and attacks my friend.. he pushes him against the ground, fights him, even though my friend isn't even refusing. THIS GUY ISNT EVEN A COP, HES A SECURITY GUARD! anyone can be a security guard filling in some paper work. WHY is he allowed to do this? Then he accused him of smoking weed, WHEN ALL HE WAD DOING WAS SMOKING A CIG. I ask the dude for his name and HE doesn't want to tell me. Why do the scrolipts switch? I'm tired of this injustice and corn balls covered in badges, thinking they have higher authority, get away with what they do. Anyway, they found nothing, my friend got a ticket after being basically bashed down with force. When we asked for cops as a two side witness, and to make a report. their answer was "we called 10 mins ago but this is a busy city". Pathetic. We need some justice. This ain't right. For the whole video check out @Realwisdomjuice

A video posted by Daniela Lizbeth (@d.elasoul) on

The first video shows Lizbeth asking the officers “Excuse me can I know your names?” only to have Officer Dino Skokos apparently state “Nope” , while he pressing his knee into the back of Munoz’s head.

A second video shows the officer pressing his knee into the back of the suspect while Munoz exclaims “You’re hurting me! Can’t you understand that? You’re hurting me! By putting you knee on my back and pressing against it, you’re hurting me when I’m not even resisting.”

Campus Safety Knee to Back
Officer presses his knee to Munoz's back while he holds his arm Photo credit: Daniela Lizbeth

At this point it is apparent that Munoz is handcuffed.

It appears that the friend of Munoz was questioning why police were arresting him when Officer Skokos can be heard saying “You’re now interfering, if you want to get involved I got an extra set of cuffs.”

The final video then shows another Fullerton College Campus Safety Officer, whose identity is unknown, and Skokos pushing the friend of Munoz by what appears to be the neck, while Munoz can be heard exclaiming “I can’t breathe!” repeatedly.

Hands around the neck
Campus saftey officer appears to have his hands around the mans neck Photo credit: Daniela Lizbeth

A third officer tells the friend of Louis “Go over there! Don’t Come Around Here!” as he points away from the scene.

While Officer Skokos has been placed on administrative leave while under investigation, the other officer shown in this video has not been subject of investigation nor has he been placed on administrative leave.

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Comments (7)

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  • P

    Pancho PanteraJan 18, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    This is spectacular! These idiots complain about rights? What about my right to not have to smell your cigarette smoke? When the security guy goes up to you and tells you about it, you run your mouth like an idiot and get dealt with accordingly. The truth is that the majority of these idiots that cause problems are fresh out of high school and enroll at the colleges thinking that they are going to be coddled just like in high school. He thought he was going to tell the security staff to pound sand like he used to tell the proctors and noon aides at his high school, but got shown that idiocy and failure to follow the rules will not be tolerated. I hope this serves as a life lesson to all the vape / stoner / punk / skater / gangster / or any idiot that wants to ruin it for others trying to improve themselves by going to school.

  • F

    Faye Foster HeindelOct 17, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Dang what does that giant fatass weigh, that is beyond acceptable behavior, ‘officers’. These guys look so stupid holding down a handcuffed man with all their might.

  • R

    Richard ReinhartOct 17, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    If those jokers don’t lost their jobs, something is very wrong. Perhaps even jail time would be in order. – Assault is assault !

  • S

    SpencerOct 16, 2016 at 3:06 am

    There was nothing brutal about that. Thats a standard take down. The safety officer did everything he was supposed to. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO COOPERATE WITH AUTHORITY, BECAUSE THEY DO HAVE THE RGHT TO USE FORCE. The guy did not cooperate, and yes it didn’t need to go the way it did, but if he’s doing something on campus he knows he is not supposed to, and he tries to run back from beig held by the officer, of course the safety officer is going to detain him. All he had to do was tell him his name and leave, but he wanted to look cool in front of his friends, because he’s not respecting authority. All of you millennials feel like you’re so warranted to be treated perfectly and you can’t be touched. The guy interfering got pushed back because he’s not supposed to interfere!! All of you kids are so one sided.

  • J

    Jeff WatsonOct 15, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Great article Frank, can’t wait to know the updates on the story.

  • S

    scott mcarthurOct 15, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    this isnt brutality. when an officer and a campus security cop asks for your info and your on a college campus, give it. dont pop off like a little punk ass stoner. reap what you sew. cry like a little punk when your ass gets put in check.

  • N

    Noah JimersonOct 15, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Great article Frank.
    Police brutality has gotten ridiculously out of hand.
    Who has responsibility for protecting our family’s’ safety if the police force we’ve depending on forever has become the threat to that safety?