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DSS See’s Candies fundraiser raises questions amongst onlookers

The Disability Support Services planned to hold a fundraiser starting Oct. 3 to Nov. 3, sponsored by See’s Candies, to raise money for scholarships to help disabled students pursue future educational goals.

DSS Fullerton College
DSS, in tandem with Fullerton College, believe in elevating all students to excellence. Photo credit: Fullerton College

DSS is in charge of supporting students with mobile, medical, mental and physical disabilities.

By accommodating, helping and educating these students. This program is designed to enhance successful participation at Fullerton College.

Unfortunately there was a paperwork “glitch” that occurred.

“I’m waiting on them [Disability Support Services Program] to receive the documents from See’s Candies,” said lead coordinator Blanca Dobson,”to prepare the order forms for the fundraiser,” she explains.

See’s Candies has sent the paperwork to wrong place, instead going to the Continued Education’s Disability Support Services Program.

Sees Candies
A store front for sees candies in a strip mall Photo credit: Wikipedia

A program Fullerton College DSS works in tandem with.

This road bump has made it difficult to raise the proper amount of money for scholarships, which were set to be awarded in the coming spring, for five students to receive.

“I’m hoping to get everything set up and resolved very soon,” said Dobson, “But oh well. It is, what it is.”

There is no word as of now as to when the fundraiser will officially begin.

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