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Wisdom Juice comes forward to The Hornet over Louis Munoz incident

Wisdom Juice came forward for an exclusive interview with the Fullerton College Hornet Oct. 17.

Wisdom Juice
Portrait of Wisdom Juice during interview on Oct. 17. Photo credit: Frank Tristan

Since the incident on Thursday, Oct. 13, Wisdom Juice has been speaking with media, spreading the video and helping Louis Munoz work towards a solution.

“Well we have an attorney, we have a lawyer and we just want to get this case better,” Wisdom Juice said, “we want to get other people who’ve been through the same thing too, to help other people so other people come out and build on this because there’s a lot of police brutality and it’s wrong.”

Wisdom Juice recalled the events that day up until he pulled out his phone to record.

“We were just chilling and Louis was smoking a cigarette and the campus security comes,” Wisdom Juice said.

“Can you put out your cigarette?” Skokos said according to Wisdom Juice.

Wisdom Juice states that Skokos then told Munoz put out his cigarette which he did and then asked him for ID.

“Can I see your ID?” Skokos said according to Wisdom Juice.

“Well I don’t want to show you my ID, I don’t have my ID or my school ID,” Munoz said according to Wisdom Juice.

Wisdom Juice felt the actions by Skokos were unnecessary.

“I thought it was uncalled for and he could’ve handled it way better, it could’ve been more professional, he could’ve just told him to leave or told a cop to come,” Wisdom Juice said, “he didn’t have to slam him and do all that, it was unnecessary.”

Wisdom Juice said that the incident went on for about 30 minutes and resulted in Munoz receiving a ticket for smoking with 20 feet of a public building.

“Hopefully it spreads it out so people are like ‘you know what, I had problems too,'” Wisdom Juice said, “and now we confront it so we can solve it and it will be finished.”

He commented on the online threat he received from Michael Lee Rossman as well as the online harassment he’s received from commenters.

“I just thought it was funny, to me it was all funny but I just did the right thing by posting the video,” Wisdom Juice said, “I’m not really tripping on the harassment, just that one guy who said he was going to report me to CIA & FBI and, that tripped me out.”

Wisdom Juice hasn’t received any messages from Michael Lee Rossman since then.

He also commented on why he mentioned “Martial Law” in the video.

“I’ve done a lot of research so I was just saying that if this is Campus Security, imagine if this was a cop, he would’ve killed him,” Wisdom Juice said, “so that’s why I said they were preparing for Martial Law.”

Then he responded to the accusations that Munoz was smoking marijuana, smoking crack and allegedly had a gun.

“That’s when I knew it was out of control, that’s when I knew people were just trolling on the internet,” Wisdom Juice said, “none of that stuff was true.”

Wisdom Juice finished by stating what actions he believes need to be taken.

“I think the campus should hire better security and I think the guy [Skokos] should be fired.”

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