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New allegations arise against Fullerton College Campus Safety Officer Erubiel Herrera

Fullerton College students’ Samer Ghaddar, Edgar Martinez, Zane Milam, Daniela Juarez, and Adam Hosseini were witness to the arrest of Louis Munoz and all allege that Officer Erubiel Herrera grabbed Ghaddar by his neck.

Ghaddar claims he was trying to get the officers to stop arresting Munoz when allegedly Herrera grabbed him by his neck.

Neck grab
Officer Erubiel Herrera allegedly choking Samer Ghaddar on Oct. 13, 2016. Photo credit: Daniela Juarez

“Another campus safety came, his name is Officer Herrera, was like ‘I can lock you up too’ and he started grabbing me by the neck and I put my hands up because I knew I was on camera,” Ghaddar said, “then he just let go of me because I think he noticed he was on camera.”

“He started grabbing me, then he used both his hands and squeezed for a bit and then eventually let go,” Ghaddar said, “the third campus safety [Officer Herrera] choked me.”

Officer pushing Samer away
Officer Erubiel Herrera pushing Samer Ghaddar away on Oct. 13, 2016 Photo credit: Daniela Juarez

“I second everything he [Ghaddar] said,” Martinez said, “I think the biggest question here is if it is campus safety getting out of hand or if it was just the one officer.”

Witnesses of the Louis Munoz incident
Samer Ghaddar left, Zane Milam middle, and Edgar Martinez right. Photo credit: Frank Tristan

“The other dude who choked my friend Samer, he should get fired too,” Wisdom Juice said.

Juarez said that she asked Officer Dino Skokos for his name and he told her “nope”.

When shown pictures of Ghaddar apparently being grabbed by the officer, Lisa Mcpheron, Fullerton College Director of Campus Communications, she was able to confirm that the officer was in fact Herrera.

“The campus safety officer in the photo is E.J. Herrera,” Lisa McPheron Fullerton College Director of Campus Communications said, “His full name is Erubiel, but he goes by E.J.”

Herrera was also confirmed as one of the officers involved with the Lorenzo Kevin Bennett incident that same day.

Erubiel Herrera
Officer Erubiel Herrera arresting Lorenzo Kevin Bennett on Oct. 13. 2016. Photo credit: Brittney Lopes

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