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The Fullerton Hornets mens soccer Sting Cypress Chargers

The Hornets, who previously beat the Chargers 2-1 away at Cypress on Sept. 16, dominated their second game against the Chargers at home.

Into the opening minutes of the first half, both teams were struggling to break each other down.

The first real chance of the game came from The Hornets after a nice display of passing that eventually got to the forward Eduin Munguia.

A successful penalty kick by Eduin Munguia #10 resulting in a point for fullerton college Photo credit: Christian Mesaros


Munguia on the right-wing, unveiled a low right-footed shot across goal that just skimmed the left post.

The Chargers weren’t too dangerous in the first half, their best chance at goal came from a corner that fell to sophomore Sanson Lopez, who had two chances at goal but were both saved by goalkeeper Julian Ochoa.

Munguia, a constant threat to the Chargers defense, was awarded a penalty kick after being taken down inside the penalty box by the Chargers Australian defender Hawe Yonas.

Mungia converted the penalty to put the Hornets up 1-0 in the 25th minute.

Shortly after, Munguia once again burst down the right-wing and crossed it to the forward Andre Prado, but Chargers goalkeeper Braydon Welch tried to clear the ball.

The ball ended up hitting Prado’s thigh and went into the back of the net making it 2-0 for The Hornets.

The Juke
Armando Torres #27, after juking three Cypress defenders pushes up the field Photo credit: Christian Mesaros


Going into half-time, The Hornets dominated the first 45 minutes of play as it showed on the scoreboard (2-0).

Freshman Anthony Garcia easily scored a simple strike at point-blank range off a pass from teammate Issac Sierra that slipped in-between a defenders legs.

A counter-attack Hornets defender Alejandro Ramirez paced down the right-wing and scored a beautiful chip-shot that cruised into the top left corner.

Chargers goalkeeper Welch got a hand to it, but it wasn’t enough as The Hornets now lead 4-0.

The Hornets now leading comfortably decided to slow the game down. The Chargers decided to put more attackers up front trying to get a consolation goal.

The Hornets defense easily soaked up all the attacks from the Chargers and were looking to add a another goal to the scoreboard.

Here you go
Wade Hoban #24 sends a perfect throw in to #17 Ata Atakan and presses up the pitch Photo credit: Christian Mesaros


Hornets forward Rene Santillan was eager to grab a goal trying to connect off a cross fell awkwardly on his side and was quickly attended by the medical staff.

Santillan recovered as if nothing happened to him and almost scored instantaneously with a diving header that came off the crossbar.

Santillan showed no mercy as he slotted it into the bottom left corner making it a final score of 5-0 in the 91st minute.

“We got things going our way, and got off to a good start,” Hornets head coach Greg Aviles said. “We believe in our whole team and giving everybody opportunities.”

“The difference was the guys really believed today. They did their job the way they were supposed to, and that’s what happens when you execute when you have an opportunity. Things are going to happen that way.”

The Hornets broke their recent two game losing streak to improve to an overall record of 9-4-3 and a conference record of 5-3-1.

The men’s Hornets will face Irvine Valley at an away game on Oct. 21 at 3 p.m.

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