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Should In-N-Out change iconic menu to fit the vegetarian lifestyle?

The cons of having a meatless options:

That’s what a hamburger is all about” is the catchy theme song In-N-Out is well known for and has been that way since 1947.

As well as the theme song, the menu has not changed since its opening and should remain as is intended all those years ago.

The menu is iconic to the In-N-Out franchise and shouldn’t be tampered with to fit the lifestyle choices that individuals make.

Vegetarians have made their decisions on their lifestyle, but at the end of the day In-N-Out is a burger shop, not a salad bar.

Double Double
Double Double burger from La Habra In-N-Out. Photo credit: Joseph Santa Maria

In-N-Out already does provide a meatless alternative to those seeking to experience the hype surrounding the popular food chain, even with the lifestyle choices made by that individual.

“What most people don’t know is that we [In-N-Out] already have a veggie burger [grilled cheese] that customers can order.” said Stephen Esquivel an FC student, as well as a current In-N-Out employee at the La Habra location.

The infamous joke that is going around all over social media is “You shouldn’t go into a vegan-friendly restaurant and demand they serve you meat, so why would you demand a burger joint to serve you something without any meat or animal bi-products.”

For vegetarians it’s easier to compromise eating In-N-Out’s version of a grilled cheese, rather than an individual who is vegan.

With being vegan, it’s more of a predicament to order from the popular burger joint.

If In-N-Out were to implement a “vegan-friendly” burger, that burger would also be cooked upon the same grill the other meat patties are cooked on.

Most In-N-Outs have more than one grill located at each restaurant, but are only used when needed throughout the day.

“Although we use the second grill when it gets busy, we can clean the grill and make the burger then.” added Esquivel about how employees would have to do in order to prepare the vegan friendly burger.

In-N-out has built its reputation to being that classic burger joint that hasn’t changed since its opening and should remain that way.

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