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“Soylent” Beef: The New In-And-Out

In-N-Out Burger has been a California fast-food institution for nearly 70 years.

Mainly known for the freshness of the beef that the company uses, it is known just as well for the produce it uses.

In-N-Out already uses meatless vegetarian options at it’s restaurants, such as their grilled-cheese sandwich (preferably Animal-style), the idea that they are trying to expand their menu to widen their customer base is enlightening.

In n Out meals
Double double and grill cheese meals Photo credit: Neddie Facio

It demonstrates that In-N-Out Burger doesn’t discriminate against prospective customers with alternative meatless diets.

Vegetarian menu options are already available, but to broaden the menus to include vegan choices as well, is an advantage from both marketing and customer stand points.

“I’m for it,” said Matt Maguire, an employee at the La Mirada In-N-Out, “I haven’t really thought about it, but it would bring in more options to the menu.”

“I know that the company isn’t for it,” Maguire added.

There is the feeling of betrayal however, that In-N-Out Burger is losing its integrity by adding these alternative health options to their menu.

Those thinking in that train of thought, should also consider the fact that In-and-Out Burger is not abandoning its original menu.

Meat-lovers can still rejoice over their Double-Double burgers or their 3X3’s (also preferably Animal-style).

The question is what alternatives will In-N-Out be using for vegans when it comes to dairy products, such as cheese and spread.

Will In-N-Out have separate prep stations in their kitchens, so that vegan options do not get contaminated with any animal byproduct?

One nonprofit organization suggested that In-and-Out Burger use , “…A healthy, humane, and sustainable option,” said Washington DC-based Good Food Institute in the petition that they launched on

Rather than having a veggie-only sandwich, In-N-Out could create an original meatless patty for vegans in cities everywhere In-N-Out is available.

In-N-Out Burger needs to open it’s eyes and embrace the fact that we live in a world that has ideas that have matured passed 1947.

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