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Students wow at open mic night

Students and faculty came together to enjoy music, poetry and coffee for the Creative Writing Committee’s open mic night at Fullerton College on Tuesday evening.

There were over 150 in the audience and 30 performances. A success that even surprised creative writing professor Tamara Trujillo, who put the event together.

“I am shocked at how great this went,” Trujillo said. “The amount of people here was awesome.”

The evening was hosted by Cheryl Bordelon and Brent Humes, both students of Trujillo’s creative writing class. Both agreed that the event went extremely well and hope to host another in the spring.

Bordelon said that she was shocked at her classmates who were usually shy in class, but demonstrated their outspoken talents.

One of the acts was freshman Matthew Khosroabadi, who performed a poem that he wrote in detention last year. Khosroabadi wrote it while in Saturday school about the party he had attended the previous night. His poem was a criticism of high school parties.

“I like poetry and expressing myself,” Khosroabadi said.

He wants to major in business administration and hopes to continue being inspired to write and act out poetry.

Jessica Ingram, played the song, “I’d rather go blind,” by Etta James. Ingram is a third-year liberal studies major who has never had training in singing. Etta James is her musical inspiration.

Sophomore Amanda Donaldson, performed both a self-written poem and song. Donaldson has been singing since the fifth grade and was involved in the performing arts at her high school.

Donaldson’s poem expressed that human actions are exploiting the earth, now and for future generations. Despite her love for the arts, Donaldson is majoring in environmental science, another interest of hers. She hopes to continue her song and poem writing on the side while she focuses on her schooling in science.

After six months of writing poetry, Grailin Fletcher, performed a piece titled, “Static Cling Swing.” Fletcher is a third-year student and currently a creative writing and English major. He wants to keep his possibilities open for the future by joining drama or another club in line with his talent.

“Everyone who came up here tonight should be very proud of yourselves and your peers,” said Bordelon.

The open mic night has kicked off the fall season of arts performances with the students and faculty at Fullerton College. For those who were too shy this go around, there will be another open mic night in the spring on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

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