Day of the Dead celebration comes to life at Fullerton College

J.P. Dabu

In traditional Mexican culture, Día de los Metros is celebrated for three months, but the ethnic studies department was able to bring the life of the holiday to campus for one night.

Victor Sanchez and Pablo Luciano getting ready to perform with there group Macondo Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

The night began with an Aztec dance group performing a sequence of various dances. The dancing was coupled with the loud beat of pounding drums and a woodwind instrument ringing throughout the performance.

More traditional dance acts followed such as the balet folklórico and the baile de los viejitos, the children dances. Each performer wore and displayed the cultural Mexican fashion.

Many attendees showed their spirit in the event and could get their faces painted with calaveras, the classic sugar skull, style.

Half life
Diana Savedra showing her support for Dia De Los Muertos Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

The quad was filled with the beautiful sights of candle lit ofrendas, the decorated altars, as well as the smells of lit incense.

Various student clubs, organizations and Fullerton community members showcased many of their own vivid ofrendas for attendees to observe.

Fullerton College Vetereans
The Fullerton College Resource center paying tribute to the veterans who served and went to Fullerton College for Dia De Los Muertos Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

The many colorful altars honored departed family members, friends, veterans, as well as famous people from American culture.

respect for the legends
A tribute for famous musicians who passed away fro Dia De Los Muertos Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

Photographs of individuals, candles, flowers, and skulls and other various props were used to commemorate ones who passed, but who not forgotten.

As the DJ played modern Latin music throughout the night, attendees brought their moves to the dance floor.

The night concluded at 10 p.m., and with stomachs full of pan dulce and tamales, attendees began the tear-down process.

showing support
Shantel Lopez an Ivan Guerrero showing there respects Dia de Los Muertos Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

Fullerton College’s ethnic studies department will be hosting the celebration next year.