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A Perfect Dose of FEAR

The horror genre has had some of its most iconic movie monsters come on

The Evil Within
Promo picture for the 2014 horror game “The Evil Within”. Photo credit:

and off of the silver-screen for decades.

From the classic characters of Nosferatu, Frankenstein and Wolf-Man to the ’80s favorites of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

Horror films have evolved throughout the generations, depending on current events and crisis of the times. But does recent horror movies nowadays really give someone the perfect dose of shrieking thrills and terror?

Granted, there have been a few films within the genre in recent months that have gotten viewers to have that twisted gut wrenching feeling of paralyzed fear and enjoyment, but it’s far and in between.

“Horror films have become more predictable,” Calvin Castillo a student at Fullerton College said. “There’s a lot of cliché plots, so people have become desensitized from the repetition.”

As a self-proclaimed horror enthusiast, I’m well aware that the horror genre has evolved, or more so devolved, from imaginative plots that keep you on your toes to just random blood, guts and gore.

Despite the lack of quality horror cinema, I’ve still been able to get my horror fix.

Horror games have been growing rapidly throughout the years with less rating restrictions that are found in film. In the video game world, the rules can be bent, giving game creators and developers virtually full creative control.

Adam Rodriguez, an FC student, explained that it’s different playing horror games than watching a movie. “In films you’re watching someone else do it, slowly building-up, making it boring and predictable. But in horror games, you do it yourself. For example, you can reach the end of a hallway and you have no choice but to go through. Eventually that adrenaline rush and the fight or flight mode feelings kick in, making you shiver.”

With there are some who are switching things up with the horror genre, there are others who are dedicated fans of the films.

Adrian Anzuras, sitting on the grass with his bible, explained his fascination with the horror genre. “The Ring scared me as a kid. The static on the T.V. the way the characters were killed by the girl’s ghost. I was alone while watching that movie – and The Grudge. Both got me hooked.”

The video game series “Doom” has been giving fans their dose of horror since 1993. Photo credit: id Software

Personally, my heart will always belong to the dark grasp of the horror genre regardless of where it comes from – movies or video games. If it gives a good a jolt of fear that makes me laugh at myself and with others for getting scared, I’m content.


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