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Unspoken Truth

The incident that occurred on Oct. 13 has caught the attention of students at Fullerton College and the school’s administration.

Luis Munoz, a former student of FC, had a run in with campus security, which sparked controversy against Officer Dino Skokos and the methods he took during the aggressive advancement on Munoz.

A second incident involving the same officer happened in Building 500, a few hours after the first arrest was made.

Only the second time around, it didn’t catch as much attention as the first one.

Fullerton College student Solomon D. believes,”The school should comment and report on these incidents to their students,” pointing down signifying the location,” this could help prevent future problems, such as these from happening again.” said Solomon.

These kinds of stories have been released, all around the United States.

From officer involved shootings to inappropriate use of force by officers and civilians.

It’s the same kind of stories that trigger emotional disputes against police and the public.

People become angry, some seek “justice” sometimes igniting riots and police brutality due to protest demonstrators losing their sense of reason.

Causing more problems for both police and civilians trying to find and give information.

Chelsea Kelli, another FC student explains,”The actions taken by Skokos should be publicized to make the public aware of this specific officer’s actions and how he’s done this multiple times.”

My main concern with this whole issue is how the information is being perceived by the viewers, readers, listeners etc.

“I feel like the first incident is overshadowing the second incident because it took place in a open space,” said Eric Hanson, business major at FC.

“There was more footage on the first one [arrest], than the second. I didn’t have enough information to make any kind of opinion.” Hanson said unsatisfied.

When a problem such as the arrest and mistreatment of students in a college campus occur, people tend to overreact and take it to levels where it doesn’t need to be.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the heat of passion, especially if it’s for something you truly believe in.

When it’s not as easy to make an educated guess or decision, things don’t always seem so black and white.

We get irritated with the fact that we have to look further into the information given to us.

If we are to find the real reason to react to these problems, we need to look further into what is being presented to us.

Answers will never find themselves.

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