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Review: Fullerton rocks out with FC jazz bands at the annual Combo Night

Combo Night was filled with great energy and music on Thursday, Nov. 10 at the Fullerton College Campus Theatre.

Rudy Zaragoza playing trombone, Ben Sachs playing the saxophone and Jonathan White playing trumpet at Combo Night at Fullerton College on Thursday, Nov. 10. Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

The evening began with an small band of five performers playing the song “A GO GO” by John Scofield.

The crowd clapped and shouted during the first group’s performance as the drummer Sangwood Kim blew the crowd away with his solo.

There was great energy radiating off guitar player Madison Holland as she jammed with the band and bobbed her head during her solos.

A classic jazz piece entitled “Take Five” by the jazz-rock artist Paul Desmond was played next and the band members tapped there feet and nodded their heads while they played.

Chad Wells
Chad Wells Performing on stage along side James Owens and Diego Regalado. Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

Conductor Mike Scott then invited Chad Willis, who’s a new FC faculty member, to join the band on stage. The addition of Willis’ trumpet stylings brought a spark to the night.

Willis had a solo that had him going back and forth with the guitarist as they each played their own part of the Lingus song. The band then joined in and wrapped up with a great closing.

The second combo directed by Joe Jewell was filed with contemporary and up-beat music. Drummer Jin Woo Chung stole the show with his style and personality.

With his head bobbing and moving to the music, Chung made the crowd laugh and applaud at his musicianship. He had a much more up-beat style of drumming than the first as the band performed some contemporary pieces like “Catch Me If You Can” and “Free for All.”

Sangwoo Kim performing on the drums during jazz Combo Night at Fullerton College Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

The event was guitarists Takoda Barraza’s first Combo Night performance and said he enjoyed the experience. “I hope to audition again and jam with a great band.”

Barraza explained that he enjoyed The Beatles song that closed the night’s performances and said the guitar and drum solos were his favorite.

“It’s probably my favorite instrument. I can do a guitar solo all day.” he continued.

The final band directed by Bruce Babad performed “Green Chimneys” by Thelonious Monk followed by “Volunteered Slavery” by Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Combo night
The event Combo Night at fullerton College. Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

“The drum solos are always fun to watch. They are all so talented,” said Valentina Guron, who is taking a music class on campus. She said the class has made her appreciate jazz and she plans on attending more events in the future.

Alto saxophone player Diego Regalado explained that he enjoyed performing at the Combo Night because of the classic rock and contemporary music.

“If you want to listen to live old school and classic, Combo Night is great for a mixture of great music,” Regalado said.

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