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Women’s soccer: Gauchos take advantage of chances away at Hornets nest

The Saddleback Gauchos were looking to win at the Hornets nest in hopes to clinch a playoff spot.

The game got off to a hot start as Gauchos forward Connor Steinback tested the Hornets goalkeeper with a shot from the half-way line, but was saved.

The game soon began to cool down as both teams battled for possession.

Eventually the Gauchos were able to receive a corner within the 10th minute.

Two against one
4 – Tatsiana Loscutoff and 11 – Amalia Serna trying to keep the ball away from 22 – Breanna Taboada at today’s game against Saddleback at Fullerton College on Thursday afternoon Photo credit: Neddie Facio


Gauchos sophomore Breanna Taboada delivered a pinpoint cross onto the head of teammate Steinbeck who buried the ball into the back of the net making it 1-0.

The lady Hornets had many chances at goal, but were unable to take advantage of them.

In the 20th minute, miscommunication between the Hornets goalkeeper and one of the defenders led to a loose ball inside the penalty area.

After a few moments of mayhem and persistence by Gauchos forward Helene Hollidge.

She was able to win the ball inches away from the goalkeeper’s line and tap it into the net making it 2-0 in the 30th minute.

Hornets defender Amalia Serna tried to get her team back into the game with a couple of shots that were just wide of the goal.

Late in the first half, the Gauchos received a free-kick from around 38 yards.

Freshman Megan Rhodes unleashed a rocket that blasted off the crossbar.

The ball fell to an open Hollidge, who made no mistake by grabbing her second goal of the game by bouncing the ball over the Hornets goalkeeper to make it 3-0.

The Hornets went into half-time with more shots, but they were unluckily off-target.

The Gauchos were efficient at executing their chances.

“Tactically we just opened up to make space, get up the field and stay on our feet to get up the field to attack,” said Hornets forward Emily Valdez on changes going into the second half.

Into the second half of play, Valdez made a brilliant run on the right-hand side and took a shot just inside the penalty box.

Gauchos goalkeeper Shana Leventhal struggled to clear the ball as it fell to midfielder Marlena Carillo just above the penalty area.

Carillo guided the ball with her right-foot into the bottom-right corner to make it 3-1.

Just seconds later, the Gauchos received a penalty after a hard collision between players.

The Captain
3 – Kennedy Heywood was the Captain for today’s game vs Saddleback at Fullerton College on Thursday afternoon Photo credit: Neddie Facio


Defender Taboada stepped up confidently and converted with a powerful finish into the left-hand side.

The Hornets now trailed 4-1.

In the final minutes of the game, the Gauchos gained another free-kick from about 22 yards.

Taboada’s shot was deflected into the back of the net by a Hornets player in the wall, sealing the game 5-1 in favor of the Gauchos.

The Hornets finished the season with a overall record of 4-13-3 and a conference record of 2-11-3.

“I tried to leave it out on the field, since it was our last home game together,” Valdez said.

“The atmosphere was really good, we had a good season, good plays and games, overall I think it was pretty good.”

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