Max Bloom’s Café Noir is here to stay

Samantha Storrey

Following weeks of back and forth negotiations regarding financial terms and agreements, Max Blooms Café Noir is here to stay for at least another year and a half.

Kevin Carter, owner of the downtown coffee shop, has been working with the leasing agent on securing the future of the café.

The Café Noir community banned together during the last few weeks to put on fundraisers, as well as started a GoFundMe in order to support the café they call a second home.

In about four days, Max Bloom’s was able to raise about $400 using their GoFundMe.

Carter is grateful for the community support, and all of those that went above and beyond in order to save this downtown café. He stated that this previous month was “his best month in sales” and hopes to continue seeing this many customers gathering at the café noir.

Visit their website to check out more information on this funky hot-spot.