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Vine rises to number one app

On April 8 Vine claimed the number one free app spot on the iOS app store in terms of popularity, announced by Vine’s Creative Director Rus Yusupov on his Twitter. According to PC magazine, Vine is also now featured on the Editor’s Picks in the app store.

This savvy new app owned by Twitter has hit markets and is currently only compatible with iOS devices. PC Magazine calls it, “a sort of Video Instagram.”

Vine allows users to make short, six-second videos and share them on not only Vine’s feed, but other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The layout of the app is vaguely familiar to Instagram; the home page features a feed of all the different videos that have been created by the users someone follows. Under every video post there is a smiley face icon, which is for liking a user’s video, and there is a text bubble icon used for commenting.

Vine is simple enough to use, you launch the app and select the camera icon to begin. When you have selected the subject you want to shoot, you tap the screen of your Apple device and it begins to record. There is also a status bar at the top of the screen that informs you how many more seconds you have left available to finish your video.

Users of this app can be as simple or as creative as they want. The app has a “gif-like nature” according to PC Magazine. This allows users to be more creative with their videos. For example, if they are shooting a video of an apple they are eating, they can shoot snaps of the apple eating stage, from the first bite to the last. This creates a gif-like video of the apple, which gives the illusion of the apple dissolving in midair.

However, months after the app was launched controversy hit.

“One X-rated mini movie was featured on Vine’s curated Editor’s Picks section”, reported by PC Magazine. This was after already an abundant amount of pornographic videos appeared on the site.

Vine now “requires users to confirm that they are 17 or over,” according to Sam Byford of The Verge.

One of the biggest opportunities Vine has is the inability to use the front camera and the flash of your iOS device. Adding these features could allow users to get even more creative with their videos and would definitely make shooting self videos and videos in the dark easier. Another noted chance for the app is the inability to save a video and publish it at a later time.

Overall Vine has the potential to acquire the popularity of top apps like Instagram, with its simple design and creative appeal.

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