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Students create catalog art

The Fullerton College William T. Boyce Library will celebrate the winners of their Centennial Catalog Card Art Contest by displaying their artwork and handing out their awards next Tuesday.

The artwork from the seven winners of the three categories will be displayed by the entrance of the library for students to enjoy according to coordinator of the event and Acquisitions Librarian Monique Delatte Starkey.

A total of 32 artwork pieces were submitted from students and then judged by Delatte, interim Dean of Library and Learning Resources, Dan Tesar and art instructors, Bill Hayner and Carl “Klutch” Stanaway.

Puck 1.jpeg

The library transitioned from using card catalogs, which was an old method of searching for books, to an online catalog April 22, 1985. The cards hold a significant history to the library and were required to be used in the student submitted artwork.

“After three years of planning, it’s great to finally see this contest come to life,” Delatte said. “This contest is perfect for the Centennial since these cards are historic to the library.”

The contest was separated into 3 categories in which participants had to use a certain amount of cards for their artwork; category 1 (1-25 cards), category 2 (26-50 cards) and category 3 (51-100 or more cards).

Brandon Turner.jpeg

Each winner will be awarded $50, $75 and $100 respectively with a second and third place prize for category 3 for $75 and $50 respectively along with a $10 consolation prize for all who participated in the contest.

For some the contest was an opportunity to win a prize but for others like Jessica Lowerre it was much more.

Lowerre, an Art Major with a passion for theatrical and costume design tied as the winner of category 2 with her mask artwork, “Puck” named after a mischievous character in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Lowerre mentions how she has always had a passion for art but was never encouraged to pursue it as a career.

Theresa Elliott-Lofton category 3 1st place winner of $100

After Lowerre received her bachelor’s in Anthropology from Cal State Fullerton she realized she had no passion behind her major. To Lowerre passion is everything.

“You cannot buy passion, it has to be in you,” Lowerre said. “If you do not pursue your work with passion than it will never have life.”

Lowerre came to the conclusion that she needed to go back to school and pursue her passion in art. Lowerre mentions that it is important for students to get involved in school activities. Winning the contest confirmed in her that she is making the right choice in pursuing art.


“I was stoked to win, it was a feeling of validation for me as my first semester back in school,” Lowerre said. “I created something from my heart and people enjoyed it. This has definitely reaffirmed my path to pursue art.”

The celebration will commence on Dec. 10 at 12:30 p.m. in the library and will include refreshments and snacks.


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