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10 Questions with FC linebacker Jordan Kessen

Jordan Kessen was a member of the Fullerton College starting linebacker core that led the Hornets all the way to the California Community College Athletic Association state championship game. He had 69 tackles, two sacks and two forced fumbles this season.

Photo credit: Mathew Flores


Hornet: What is your major and why?

Kessen: “English, because I’ve always been good at English, since I was little and I can write good.”

Hornet: Why did you pick Glenville State?

Kessen:“Because they were the first school to want me and they came after me pretty hard. And they offered me a lot of money, but primarily because they were the first school to really want me so I felt like I had to stay loyal to them.

Hornet: Were there any other offers and where from?

Kessen: South Georgia,Idaho State and San Diego too.

Hornet: Who are your heros?

Kessen: Uh, probably my parents, because they raised me

Hornet: When did you start playing football?

Kessen: When I was, I want to say 8, 7 or 8.

Hornet: Did you ever play any other sports?

Kessen: I played baseball, yeah that’s it

Hornet: What are you passionate about outside of football?

Kessen: School, just because if I’m playing football and don’t do well in school than I’m wasting my time. It kind of just goes hand in hand

Hornet: What is your fondest football memory?

Kessen: I don’t know, I have a lot. Playing at Angel Stadium for three years and this year we went to Butte for the state game. We lost, but that was still a good memory.

Hornet: If you could sit down and have dinner with any three people who would they be and why?

Kessen: I don’t know, probably my Grandma, who is my Dad’s Mom because I’ve never met her.

Hornet: What’s your favorite thing about Fullerton College?

I dont like it, just kidding. It’s a good opportunity for people to do other stuff Its good for people who cant afford to go to college or who don’t know what to do after high school. It’s a good place for them to figure stuff out.

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