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Tuesdays To Go Review: Never grow tired of Mad Wolf Mongolian Barbecue’s endless options

At Mad Wolf Mongolian Barbecue, the menu contains only one main entrée, yet it still manages to provide an endless selection of flavors and variety at the same time.

This local Fullerton eatery traditionally serves as a sit-down restaurant and includes an all-you-can-eat option. However, amid the pandemic, it now offers to-go ordering which can also be called in or ordered online as well as an outdoor patio for patrons who chose to eat on location.

Displayed on the menu as Mad Wolf BBQ for $11.50, a customer begins at the “build-your-own” style bar, where bowls are available. The menu recommends that only one bowl be used per order to ensure the best taste in the result. Before preparing their own meal, customers are offered access to a sink to wash their hands, as well as encouraged to utilize hand sanitizer and gloves located at the beginning of the self-serve bar.

The variety of vegetable toppings to chose from at Mad Wolf's self-serving bowl bar.
The variety of vegetable toppings to chose from at Mad Wolf’s self-serving bowl bar. Photo credit: Crystal Bender

The bar begins with the protein selections, where tongs are used to add the desired amount of chicken, beef or pork. The next section of the bar displays all the vegetable toppings, with options such as bok choy, broccoli, baby corn, water chestnuts, white onion, cabbage and many more. After adding the desired quantity of toppings noodles can then be added, however, rice can be requested if desired. For an additional charge, five shrimp, egg, extra noodles or extra meat can also be requested.

The final stop is the sauce bar. It is recommended to add three to four scoops of no more than two of the different sauce flavors such as teriyaki, spicy and mild. It is then suggested to add one scoop of salad oil, one scoop of garlic and one scoop of ginger. The staff also is willing to provide some recommendations or assistance in any regard if requested.

Chef cooking mongolian barbecue at mad wolf
Chef cooking Mongolian noodles at Mad Wolf BBQ. Photo credit: Crystal Bender

After the sauce bar, customers place the prepared bowl in line at the first window for the chef to cook before their very eyes on a hot stove. The finished product is then placed at the next window for pickup next to a few more final seasonings.

The build-your-own style Mongolian barbecue creations are insanely flavorful and the extensive variety available provides ample opportunity for mixing things up in the case of a repeating customer, leaving little room to grow bored of the entrée. The fact that customers add the options that they prefer, leaves room for pickier eaters to feel comfortable as well and ensures that anyone can leave with a happy stomach.

A custom-order bowl made by Crystal Bender at Mad Wolf Mongolian BBQ
A custom-order bowl made by Crystal Bender at Mad Wolf Mongolian BBQ Photo credit: Crystal Bender

The menu also offers quite a few options for side dishes, appetizers, beverages, dessert, as well as alcoholic options. The recommended appetizers were all served fresh. These included the pocket biscuits priced at $1.75, which were a lovely golden-brown color and a were lovely addition to the entrée, the fried cream cheese wontons that were crunchy and flavorful and also priced at $1.75 and the $3 chicken egg rolls that were generously filled.

Overall, Mad Wolf Mongolian Barbecue is first-timer friendly and provides an enjoyable experience suitable for everyone, not only in creating but also watching the skilled chef prepare the meal before your eyes. The quality of the food is exceptional, and the endless variety is sure to draw foodies back in again and again.

The restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day except Mondays and is located at 4110 N Harbor Blvd in Fullerton. Any questions can be answered at (714) 879-6651. Its website is

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