Around the Hornet: It’s Time to Talk About Title IX


The Hornet Staff Writers and Editors discuss a wide variety of sports on this episode of the Around the Hornet Podcast. Photo credit: Jake Rhodes

Jake Rhodes

In this installment of the Around the Hornet Podcast, The Hornet staff writers Quinn Cisneros and Pedro Saravia join the Editor-in-Chief Gerardo Chagolla and the host of the podcast, Sports Desk Editor Jake Rhodes, (with some side commentary from the producer of the show and the Managing Editor of The Hornet Sara Leon) to discuss the wide world of sports. Topics in this episode range from the Lakers and the NBA Playoffs, UFC 287, and Club Soccer in UEFA Champions League and CONCACAF Champions League. The table also debates where we stand as a country on Title IX, and Jake delivers a powerful monologue to fighting these injustices. Music Credit: Esperar by Dadalu from the Periodo album and Price of Freedom by Daddy’s Music.

NBA Playoffs- 1:20

UFC- 14:30

Soccer- 19:39

Title IX- 29:11