Around the Hornet: Basketball Star or Gang Star? Time to Decide Ja


The Hornet Staff Writers and Editors discuss a wide variety of sports on this episode of the Around the Hornet Podcast. Photo credit: Jake Rhodes

Jake Rhodes

In the final installment of the Around the Hornet Podcast, The Hornet staff writers Quinn Cisneros and Pedro Saravia join the Editor-in-Chief Gerardo Chagolla, Producer of the show and Managing Editor Sara Leon, and the host of the podcast, Sports Desk Editor Jake Rhodes, to discuss the wide world of sports. Topics include: The Lakers vs. Nuggets WCF and the Heat vs. Celtics ECF previews, Premier League and La Liga roundup, our feelings toward the panel’s favorite MLB teams: the Angels, Braves, and Dodgers. The debate topic is a conversation about of Ja Morant’s off-court decision making and where blames needs to be pointed at in that situation.

NBA- 1:12

Soccer- 19:58

MLB- 25:39

Ja Morant- 38:50

Music Credit: Esperar by Dadalu from the Periodo album.