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World traveling pianists perform at The Muck

Loyal fans of The Latsos showed up in packs to fill the main room of the Muckenthaler Cultural Event Center to hear the duo perform four hand piano of some of the best musical composers.
Gerardo Chagolla
Anna and Giorgi Latsos have played all over the world performing their four hand piano show. On Thursday March 7, The Latsos played at the Muck Mansion in front of their Orange County followers.

As a line forms in the hall of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, a similar sounding piece of music can be heard coming from the main room where around 75 empty chairs were waiting for The Latsos’ followers to sit and partake in some of the most famous composers’ arrangements.

Farrell Hirsch, the CEO of the Muck, who’s job is to attend showcases, book artists from all over the world and sell the tickets, tells the eager audience that the husband and wife duo are warming up and would like some privacy.

It was a cold and rainy Thursday evening, but that doesn’t stop The Muck’s VIP ticket holders from enjoying world class music.

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center hosted their first four hand piano duo, The Latsos, on Thursday March 7, to a crowd of faithful followers who filled the main room of the mansion. (Gerardo Chagolla)

At 7:15 p.m.,the doors open and just like that, a once empty room is now full of people enjoying the solo art gallery by Kat Trevino in the main room titled, “Head in the Clouds, a view through the eyes of a child or an elder we all look up seeking for clarity and vision.”

By 7:30 p.m.Hirsch grabs the crowds’ attention and plugs upcoming shows before introducing the evening’s main event.

“We have an amazing duo, they play all over the world,” said Hirsch, building up the anticipation for the crowd. “They are spectacular. They are fun. Ladies and gentlemen, the Latsos!”

Giorgi Latsos and Anna Fedorova-Latso met in Vienna, Austria in 2013, and have been touring ever since.

Anna Fedorova-Latsos played a solo piano set while her husband Giorgi compliments her with a small striking cymbal in front of a crowd of followers on Thursday March 7, at the Muck. (Gerardo Chagolla)

Giorgi was invited to teach at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna Conservatory while Fedorova-Latsos was a student.

They married in Salzburg, a city 183 miles from Vienna.

Anna, the woman of the duo, was born in Russia to musician parents, “they were not performers, they taught musical theory and advanced musical harmony.”

Although classically trained in piano only, Fedorova-Latsos played jazz and pop music, and melodies from popular movies, for money at smaller venues in Vienna with a jazz band.

Giorgi is a Georgian-American pianist and the male representation of the duo.

“We’ve played in front of thousands of people, but also 50 people. It’s always special when you feel this electricity,” said Giorgi during their set. “Every time we play any concert, for us is a special event.”

Part of performing in smaller venues means that they can communicate directly with the people from the crowd, something that a larger venue doesn’t offer. And that’s exactly how they began their show, starting with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, explaining that Mozart started playing the piano at four years old, similar to Giorgi.

Sonata for 4 hands in D major, a short three piece composition considered by Mozart as “for beginners,” but a “very cheerful and beautiful piece” said Giorgi.

Music by John Williams who composed the score to the film “Schindler’s List,” was a crowd favorite, showcasing their 4 hand piano skills which is different from a piano duet.

Four hand piano involves two players playing the same piano simultaneously.

Since 2014, Giorgi and Fedorova-Latsos have been playing four hand piano, which can be very difficult, “when you play alone, you have more space, more flexibility and freedom to do whatever you want,” said Fedorova-Latsos.

The Latsos played some of the best composers’ known music at the Muck on March 7, ranging from Mozart to American film composer John Williams. (Gerardo Chagolla)

Rhapsody in Blue by American composer George Gershwin was their final song and it did not disappoint those in attendance.

“Great performance and audience,” said president of the board of directors for the Muck, Chris Barnhill, who was in attendance. “I thought their performance of the Schindler’s List was a really beautiful and creative piece.”

The Latsos play in Orange County again on April 14, 2024, at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.

The Muck will host Sportive Tricks, a Southern California folk band with traditional folk music influences with a Celtic twist, on Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 p.m.

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