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What better way to end the semester and kick off your summer than to attend the “BRASSPECTACULAR!”

The Band Group#1 Photo credit: Emily Michel

The groups played a lot of great pieces but the Brass Choir played a lot of the classics and that was delightful to listen to. When they performed the “Can Can” the audience smiled and were filled with enjoyment. It reminded me of Disneyland and if song has the ability to take an individual to another place to escape from reality then it was done right.

These group of students know how to give a great performance; there was never a dull moment. The groups were full of energy and it didn’t go unnoticed.

The brass choir performance kept the audience wanting more because they didn’t know what note was coming next or how it would be arranged. If a group has that affect on an audience then they must be doing something right. That’s what a real performance is all about. That’s what keeps every one interested and not knowing what next to expect.

“I really liked the show it was fun and very entertaining!”, said Samantha Gama.

The groups were absolutely amazing! The room was filled with talented human-beings. They shared they’re shared their talents and expressed their great vibes through out the room.

Moises Salazar Photo credit: Emily Michel

The talented Moises Salazar made a guest appearance and took the whole show in another direction. He performed an opera piece and blew the audience off their seats. His vocal range amazed the whole crowd because the voice they heard was mind-blowing. Everyone couldn’t get enough of him.

Who knew they could sing too! Photo credit: Emily Michel

The band showed the audience their other musical talent by singing with a little bit of humor to keep the audience going. Who knew this group of students could be so talented and show it so naturally. They made the whole performance entertaining.

It’s not a party unless Jerry joins! Photo credit: Emily Michel

Jerry proudly stood along side with his students and contributed to the singing portion along with the instrumental portion. “What’s the fun if you don’t join them?”, said Jerry. “My favorite piece that we performed would have to be the song from Hook that was a lot of fun to perform”, said Jerry.

There were a variety of different ages who attended to support the talented band. young children attended along with family members and Fullerton students. After the show I received some great feedback from some children.

The show was so fun! My favorite part is when they played the music for Jaws and brought a hand puppet out during the performance”, said Manuel Chavez.IMG_6503.jpg The performance was dedicated to a good friend of theirs and a fellow Horn Club Member named Bob Nixon, who recently passed away. Jerry enjoyed every minute on stage with his talented group of students.”My students are so wonderful I couldn’t be more happy to work with these great students”, said Jerry.

It was unfortunate to not see as many people at this performance as expected but these students still gave the performance and their audience their all. This show was an over all entertaining success and a great way to kick off the summer or take a break from studying for the last days of finals.

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