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Fullerton Fire Department invites community to open house

Friends, family and members of the community joined the Fullerton Fire Department on Saturday, Nov. 7, for a $5 pancake breakfast that was made and served by firefighters, and following the breakfast was an open house.

We're hungry
Fire fighters serving the attendees of the event at the Fullerton Fire Dept. Pancake Breakfast in Fullerton on 11-7-15 Photo credit: Neddie Facio

Along with the breakfast, there were fire trucks and engines out for those in attendance to take pictures and enjoy the view of. Firefighters were everywhere and were available to answer any questions and also to simply interact with the guests.

On the tour that followed the pancake breakfast, guests got to see where the firefighters eat, sleep and workout.

the cooks
Division Chief Chris Guerrero in charge of the pancakes at the Fullerton Fire Dept. Pancake Breakfast in Fullerton on 11-7-15 Photo credit: Neddie Facio

Battalion Chief James Newton and Division Chief Chris Guerrero played the role of cooks during the event.

Newton explained that this is one of many events that the fire department puts on for the community. Guerrero continued explaining that they offer different trainings such as CPR classes for Fullerton residents.

Many of the firefighters said that having an open house allows for the community to see what their job really consists of and to also get to know the firefighters.

“When we go out in the community we see people who came to our open house, and we have a little bit of a relationship with them,” said Newton.

Deputy Chief of Operations Adam Loeser shared that besides benefiting the community, having an open house is great for the families of the firefighters as well.

“Our kids get to see what mom and dad do at work, and we get to take family pictures in front of the engines,” said Loeser.

In attendance was Kathleen Rowland and her husband, whom have lived in Fullerton for almost 30 years and brought their grandson with them to the event.

trying on the gear
Jr firefighter trying on some of the gear with the help of Firefighter Rapoza at the Fullerton Fire Dept. Pancake Breakfast in Fullerton on 11-7-15 Photo credit: Neddie Facio

“My grandson loves firemen, and they’ve always been so nice to us,” said Rowland.

Rowland shared that they have come out to the open house in years passed and the firefighters have always been nice to her family.

Ventilation Demonstration
Deputy Chief of Operations Adam Loeser explains to the guest how firefighters allow smoke to vent in house fires. Photo credit: Oscar Barajas

During the open house the fire department also demonstrated what they do when they are called to a building fire and demonstrated why they poke holes on the roofs of buildings. During this ventilation demonstration, viewers got to see up-close and personal each step the firefighters take during such process.

Many children seemed to be very intrigued by this demonstration.

Ticket sales from the event are going to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The Fullerton Firefighters Association had a table set up selling their Pinktober apparel. For the past couple of years, the association has chosen a sponsor whom choses the organization that the association will donate to.

Each year the association puts on Pinktober, which is a month-long event to raise funds to fight against cancer. They do so by selling t-shirts, hats, stickers and by taking donations,

For the firefighters, this year’s fundraising hits a little closer to home.

Firefighter Rob Seeley explained that this year’s sponsor is the daughter of Fire Captain Brandon Coatney. His 15-year-old daughter, Brynn, has been diagnosed with cancer and has received treatment at Rady Children Hospital in San Diego. Brynn has chosen Rady Children Hospital to be the recipient of this year’s donations.

The fire department did a great job at welcoming everyone and engaging in conversation will all in attendance. Newton and Guerrero explained that this is an annual event but admits that they haven’t been consistent. Newton shares that he hopes and plans that this does continue annually.

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