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Damn Kanye, back at it again with the tweets!

Pop culture wouldn’t be complete without the infamous Kanye West, who has taken social media by storm with his highly-opinionated tweets and rants. He even made headlines with his announcement in February this year about being 53 million dollars in personal debt.

While music is what introduced us to West’s talent and thought-provoking lyrics, he is more than a musical prodigy. West is also a fashion designer who has recently teamed up with Adidas and released three seasons of his “Yeezy” clothing lines.

Kanye West Fashion Show
Kanye West headlining his own Season 1 Adidas Fashion Show in NYC Photo credit:

Despite his thought transparency, the artist proves to be greatly influential with what he considers words of wisdom. With over 20 million followers on Twitter, West can take 140 characters and make the internet explode with retweets and responses that’ll make him the talk of social media for days.

His attitude towards a variety of topics certainly positions him on a scale between ingeniousness and outrageousness. Some may call him a genius, as he speaks his mind on success and hard work. Others believe the pedestal he places himself on categorizes him as crazy.

Kanye on Kimmel Live
Kanye West quotes a statement on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2013 on crediting himself as a genius. He claims that if he said otherwise, it would be nothing else but a lie to the world and himself. Photo credit:

Either way, Kanye West doesn’t care. In fact, he’ll so bravely remind you that he loves himself.

West isn’t shy to share what he feels. Freedom of speech is so greatly embedded in his character, whether he’s on stage interrupting Taylor Swift as she accepts an award for best music video, or being interviewed and claiming that he’s a close comparison to Jesus. It certainly is inevitable to see where he gets the inspiration to be famously nicknamed, “Yeezus.”

I wanna be a God
Memes of Kanye West comparing himself to Jesus circulate the Internet effortlessly Photo credit:

As the rapper continues to be in the limelight of controversy, there’s no saying where West will take us next as he dominates freedom of expression. One can hate him or love him, but he certainly got your attention.

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