Hornets love their moms!

Rachelle Laurente

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Hornets were asked what their moms are like and what one thing they would like her to know.

They gushed as they talked about her, and who wouldn’t? Their moms’ sound awesome.

“She’s strict, but like, she gives so much love at the same time” said Ryan Gatus, a communications major.

Each student also shared a moment with their mom which makes us realize that the smallest things they do we take for granted have the biggest impact.

Dillon Reise, a philosophy major, shared the story of the time his mom would get angry at him and his siblings for being disruptive.

“At the time, I used to hate it, but looking back on it, those, probably the best memories ” Reise said.

While Keith Anlstrom, a theatre major, shared the moment when his mom gave her hot chocolate to her son because he wanted some more.

Moms are arguably the greatest.

Maybe they are your biological mom, your grandmother or a person you consider your mom.

We may not say it every day but they’re actually amazing for putting up with us even though we once thought that being seen with them was social suicide.

“Everyday I live, everyday I walk, everyday I speak, is because of you.” said Kennieth Barnes, a criminal justice major.

“The reason why I’m at school and the things I’m doing for basketball, the reason why I’m still in basketball fighting for a scholarship is because of you” Barnes added.